Bewildered and Bedazzled by Fashion City

I’m starting to enjoy this girly stuff like fashion and nails more and more these days. I think it’s more the foreign-ness of it all that intrigues me than anything else. And I’m just starting to grasp the immense amount of work and creativity and knowledge that goes into every ensemble that walks down the runway.

Fashion is just like every other hobby. It’s no different from loving superheroes or music or comedy or reality TV of running or foodie-ing. Once you start to see the mastery with which the puppeteers are pulling their strings, you begin to “get” it. I’ve gotten “into” most of the things mentioned above, and now it’s fashion’s turn.


I’m lucky that I’m getting into fashion and happen to live in NYC (or is that I live in NYC that I’m beginning to get into fashion? Who knows. Maybe it’s some sort of chicken-and-egg type situation.)

I’m starting to believe that we really do live in the most forward-thinking, innovative city in the world. It’s hard, but I love it here.

The things we see aren’t all that different from anywhere else. And yet collectively, we can watch scenes with an infinite cast of characters play out before our eyes every day — and in front of the most iconic backdrop in the world, no less.

Some days, I have half a mind to believe that Audrey Hepburn will stroll right past me while I’m snacking on some carrots in Bryant Park. Or that the scrappy-looking dude over there on St. Mark’s Place is some actor I know I’ve scene before.


When I stop to think about it and actually take it all in, living in NYC feels like we’re somehow living in a classic movie and that we’re exactly where we should be — in the center of it all, where we can take it in and try to participate too, when we’re feeling bold enough to do so.

This week, I decided to wander after work, and walked up from Grand Central to Rockefeller Center to Columbus Circle. I walked amongst hand-holding tourist couples and business guys strolling all-too-slowly over to happy hour somewhere.

I also passed three people with chained hands and cop escorts coming out of the subway at Columbus Circle, and a homeless guy who looked like a healthy young Quest Love with a cardboard sign asking for fruit.

It’s all just so sweet but heartbreaking but beautiful. There are so many stories here that sometimes I’m sure my heart will burst.


This city tests you — your willpower, your stamina, your humanity. But it’s also fantastic.

And I’m honored that I get to be part of it all. I get to meet entrepreneurial masterminds and my neighbors in Washington Heights and the strangers I have side conversations with in long lines and the young people sitting next to us at the cafe…for many years to come.

I’m fully aware that I’m still very much a NYC newbie and fashion novice who gets lost in styling ideas at H&M, so I have a long way to go. But hey, while I’m getting my bearings, at least I have a good deal of go-to inspiration on the streets to get me started. So for now, I’m tipping my hat to NYC for opening my eyes to the fashion world and for always making me want more.

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