What I Learned When I Broke the Door

lockI broke the door lock last week, while Jim was away. It was a good thing — I keep telling myself — because it served as a valuable reminder.

It reminded me that when I’m tired, I’m bound to mess something up, and that when I do, even when I want to tear my hair out and believe everything is ruined, things usually turn out okay.

I’d just returned from a good but long 12-hour day at an expo, and had decided to go grocery shopping so I had everything I needed to be able to lock myself away from the world and catch up on rest for the duration of the evening.

I waltzed in, changed out of my suit, grabbed the leash and then a very foolish thought popped into my head: “I should tighten all the screws on the door lock, just to make sure.”

To make sure of what? I’m not sure. Just felt like I should do my due diligence to ensure the key that was getting stuck halfway into the keyhole wouldn’t hinder my getting back into the apartment.

The magnetic screw top to our “girl toolkit” screwdriver popped off and back behind the lock of the door. I turned the lock a few times…to be dumb? Your guess is as good as mine. Low and behold, the lock wouldn’t fully turn and lock anymore.

I ran downstairs to the super’s wife. Roberto jiggered with it, insisted it wasn’t the thing I had been thinking I’d done wrong — that is was some other loose screw in the door. He said he’d need to get a new lock and would bring it to me around 9 a.m.

“9 a.m.?” I nervously asked, raised my eyebrows and starting ringing my hands.

“What, he’s not here?” Roberto gestured to the back room. “No, he’s away for the weekend. I have to work tomorrow.” I knew instantly that there was no way I’d be getting in on time.

“Make it 8 a.m. The lock store opens early.”

Luckily for me, Roberto is the best. He’s been managing this building for 50+ years. His gray mustache, white backwards hat and warm eyes always make me smile. He’s a hard worker and a good man.

Roberto reminded me that situations are handled best when promptly responded to swiftly assessed and thoughtfully tackled.

In the end, I made a stupid mistake that resulted in a more secure door and a lesson well learned. Sometimes, when you think it’s the end of the world, things turn out okay.

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