Three Things to Watch to “Own It” Right Now

I’m looking for some free advice. And by golly, TV shows can sometimes open doors to stuff I’m trying to work through in my mind in ways I’d never imagined. Here are three shows that are helping me get back on the horse and keeping moving forward with grace, power, dignity and a good sense of humor:

1. Cesar Milan gives me all the therapy I’ll ever need. I watch the way he interacts with dogs and learn so much about how to make myself better. Calm and assertive energy – it’s as simple as that.20140322-111351.jpg

2. Portlandia basks in poking fun at its own elitist-turned-rebel tastes. I love the sketch about the taxpayer Carrie dates who is sexy because he “owns it” until he tries to be a bassist. It reminds me that even the lamest seeming options have a potential for being leveraged as cool if you’re passionate enough to pick an identity that reflects your most natural personality and “own it”. In other words, knowing yourself is cool.


3. Broad City is my main squeeze these days. It’s my most favorite show because it’s a world that feels like it’s been created entirely for me. Just two best friends with no cash but plenty of time and energy to push for the best experience possible in NYC. You’ve gotta find humor in your most down moments and wildly celebrate the good times.


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