How Staring at a Blank Wall Reminded Me to Be

Today I stared at a blank wall for 15 minutes. The curtain above moved in and out, slowly, gently guided by the waft of a breeze. I breathed in and out, counting to 10 and letting thought pass over me and by me. Acknowledging them, and letting them pass by.

Meditation isn’t something I do as regularly as I should, but I know it’s important. We’re always so focused on getting where we’re going, on moving, on trying, that we forget to be — to sit still with our thoughts. I didn’t have any grand epiphanies and it didn’t help me figure out my day, but it was still worth my time. Because I’m worth my time, and giving myself that brief moment of silence was a way for me to acknowledge my self-worth. I’m worth taking a breath for and slowing time down for.

I have no idea what the next day will bring, or the next week, or the next year. Life is a blank slate; a clear canvas; an open field — ready to bend to our command and yield to our creativity. I spend so much time worrying about what I should be doing and not nearly enough listening to what I am doing.

We’re all products of our rapid reflex society, and we’re always on the go. But seeing the forest for the trees and the chess game three moves ahead is just important, if not more so, than making that first move. Reflection is a necessary part of the process. It keeps us from buying into a vision we aren’t completely sold on; allows us to pivot when inherently we see that we’re heading down the wrong track; frees up our minds to see the greater scene unfolding in front of us.

I’ve spent much of my time seeking to find. But that’s not right at all. That’s skipping a step. It’s about settling into being so that you can properly see(k).

My father was inspired to compose this song, “Become the Water,” after hearing a zen talk in Rochester. My brother just added visuals to this song. And together, they’ve built something entirely new, founded on a practice thousands of years old.

Watch it, think, and wonder. See how you come out on that other side. Then work with whatever new understanding you arrive at of what it means to be, and build from there. We are all of us on this journey together. Let’s take a deep breath and embrace it.

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