The Mister and I Have a Podcast

The Mister and I Have a Podcast

Made of Bees2

I’ve always struggled to let go and been careful about “letting loose” (aka letting my true personality / potential shine through). Over the past week, I’ve taken on both challenges, head on.

Having made it to NYC and made it to 30, I’m more comfortable with who I am than I’ve ever been before. But I still have a long way to go. My husband is a comedian, so he puts himself out there on stage all the time. His opinions, his thoughts, his observances — they’re all carefully crafted into well-timed jokes. I’ve learned a lot from him, but I had always preferred my role as a fly on the wall…until now.

Since arriving to NYC four months ago, daring greatly and dreaming big have morphed from eventual goals into a daily mantra. With every step I’ve taken since entering into this big wide world of possibility, I’ve tried to push myself further toward my true potential — rolling up my sleeves, setting aside my ego and boldly forging ahead. I’ve dived into lots of situations of uncertainty with as much courage and self-assuredness as I can muster, trying to follow my heart and to pick myself up when I fall. And always by my side, cheering me on and encouraging me along the way, has been my husband Jim.

Last week, Jim started talking about a podcast. At first, I figured he was looking to me for guidance on building an audience and weighing in on editorial content. Once my thickness waned, I realized he actually wanted me to do it with him, as a couple. Sincerity, heart, humor, good. That’s our mantra. With those personality traits in mind, which cut to the heart of who we are as a couple and what we have to offer our audience of listeners, I’m taking off the training wheels and heading into the spotlight.

Our first Made of Bees podcast on Memory is available here, for your listening pleasure. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think and if you want to get involved by emailing us at or leaving a comment below. Thanks, and may you all find the courage you need inside to do the things that scare you the most with pride and vigor.

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