Searching for the Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center

She scanned the horizon joyfully, and spun around. New York City at Christmas! She thought with glee, carrying a halfway smile as she wove her way into the crowd. She followed the crowd that happened to be in front of her down the path to…well to somewhere. It epitomized what, to her, New York really was: a place to aspire to be, whatever that meant and where ever that led. She floated along with the sea of people that halfheartedly complained about how no one knew where they were going but giggled together all the while.

The lady tried to take it in — the massive lit billboard signs that look down upon the busy streets, the gardens of trees full of icy blue lights, the 12-foot toy soldiers lined along a hotel solely for the purpose of bringing holiday cheer. She felt entranced by the grandness of it all, and shook her head in disbelief that she should ever come to live in such a place.

She walked around a little while longer, knowing now that she was naive in assuming she’d be able to stroll past the 90-foot tree for the 82nd annual event with famous performers and thousands of people was unlikely; then texted her husband to say she’d be home soon. She knew it was time to get back to her responsibilities, and to her family, and to her everyday life. But for now, in that moment, she felt pretty close to dancing on the stars.




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