NYers: They’re so much more like me

Let’s talk about the company I keep and the people I work with, here in my new New York. I’ve met more people here in one week than I did in a year in Rochester. And they’re brilliant. And they’re kind. And they’re inspiring, and inspired.

They’ve got big minds and big hearts and a penchant for making the world a better place. They give strangers warm smiles, donned in effortlessly cool clothes, and share big bombastic dreams over quiet cups of tea.

They set aside all the time in the world to listen, even as the world is moving at a more rapid clip. They take the time to understand where you’ve been and marinate on where you both are before discussing where it is you both could go next.

They’re kind and patient and welcoming and passionate, and they’re utterly fantastic. They’re so much more like me than I’d ever dreamed they could be.

This is my New York.





“I always wondered why somebody didn’t do something about do that. Then I realized I was somebody.” – Lily Tomlin (Slightly cut-off quote in the image above, just above the dining tables where we convene for happy hours and Salad Club at my work space — The Centre for Social Innovation.)

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