On Your Way to Fall More in Love


On Your Way to Fall More in Love — A shortened lyrical adaptation of Yo La Tengo’s “Our Way to Fall” (the song above, which filled the air on my little brother’s wedding day) because sometimes, words alone can’t convey the magic we feel when life smacks us in the face with a once-in-a-lifetime experience as beautiful as this one.

Marcie_Jon Wedding altarWell I remember a perfect wedding day.

I remember seeing her walk down up to you.

I remember seeing her face start to glow.

And I remember seeing a spark your eyes.

I remember before you dated.

I remember meeting up with you.

And I remember seeing how you hung to her every word.

And I remember knowing this was the start of something huge.


Now you’ll try and try, even if it lasts a lifetime.

You’re on our way, to share a new and joined life.

You’re on your way,

You’re on your way to falling more in love.


Marcie_Jon wedding vowsWell I remember your vows word for word.

And I remember the joy it made me feel.

I remember the tears that streamed all down my face.

And I remember happiness bursting from my heart.

I remember grinning wildly as you walked back down the aisle.

And I remember thinking this was it; my brother’s grown.

I remember taking my true love’s hand, and squeezing tight,

And I remember thinking the two of you were meant to be.


Well we’ll try and try, even if it lasts a lifetime.

But in our minds, we’ll try to make it ours.

Cuz we’re on our way, we’re on our way to knowing how much you’re in love.

Congratulations, you two crazy kids! Love you both so much.
Marcie_Jon married

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One thought on “On Your Way to Fall More in Love

  1. Congrats to Jon & Marcie – and my old pal Billy S (the proud dad unit!) Love to you all from the Peoples Republic of Staten Island and the Good/Svilar clan.

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