BK BiKing: An Addendum to Bicycle Diaries

BK BiKing

BK BiKingLong ago, in a life far, far away, I “lived” in Brooklyn. But I didn’t really live in Brooklyn. I visited there for a year. And then I moved back home, to the South Wedge, to Sauer Place, to Rochester.

My recent review of the Kate Escape Book Club‘s Bicycle Diaries reflects my true colors as an Upstate New Yorker who capitalizes “Upstate” because we’re important and complains when other don’t see our full potential.

Recognizing my folly in not being totally wowed by Byrne’s BAM bicycle-entertainment forum at the conclusion of my recent book club read, I turned to a real NY-New Yorker who lives on the ground level– my brother Jon.

Jon is the kind of amazing brother who is in the middle of planning a wedding with my  awesome future sis-in-law at Brotherhood Winery and he graciously takes on the task his weird sister asked of him, to figure out Vine and make a video for her blog. (It’s worth noting that Jon is way too big for a petty project like this — You can find his most recent work in MTV’s trend-tastic “Washington Heights.”)

So enjoy, folks, you’re getting a treat here: a better understanding of what this Vine business is all about from a talented editor, as well as and a certified ground-level feel for Brooklyn via bicycle — a past-time that has become a passion for David Byrne. Talk about getting into a head of a writer! What do you think?

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