The Good Stress

Everything has been fine and dandy leading up to the holidays. The anticipation of the season has had me humming happy tunes and merry-making away. We had wrapped up the work week with gifts and hugs and wishes of happiness over the long weekend break. Then came the snow, and the texts, and the last-minute shopping and questioning of decisions made and the shopping and the planning and the wrapping…It’s enough anxiety to drive a person crazy.

Of course, this cycle of happy anticipation followed by stress-induced spaz attacks happens every holiday season. Plan as we may for that perfect pick for each and every loved one, there just never seems to be enough time. We want to do right by each other, and during this dizzily built up season of caring, we want to give those gifts that are emblematic of our love and appreciation for one another. How I wish I could thank each and everyone person who has touched my life satisfactorily. But I can’t. And that’s stressful.

I know what the answer is: Do the best you can and focus on the things that matter — like noticing the thought the Mister put into every card he picked out for our parents and siblings, and being present in the moment at family gatherings. And of course, I’ll follow that advice. But people out there who haven’t heard from me directly, this holiday season, know that I’m thinking of you, and wishing you well. Happy holidays to all, and to all, a stressless season.


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