Giving Thanks for My Boring Life


Photo from StephlovesBen on Etsy

Here we sit, in our own little Tardis, forging ahead through space and time, as we make the drive from Rochester to Boston for Thanksgiving Day. The Mister sets cruise control, and we settle into story time. The “Comedy Bang Bang” podcast feels more like a living room filled with friends than ever, now that so many of them have written us notes of encouragement for Jimmy’s 30th.

It’s occurred to me that our world has gotten smaller — more insular, perhaps, but more comfortable, and safe, and of our own making. Now that we’re married, making our first holiday trip together, we don’t ever have to say goodbye. Now is our time to create new memories, new traditions, and a new life together, hand in hand.

Encapsulated in my boring little life in a treasure trove of moments I’d have a tough time trying to live without:

-greeting the sun with morning yoga
-looking down at Vin’s enthralled face as we trudge out into the chilly air
-turning new corners
-revisiting familiar routes
-swallowing the warmth of that first morning coffee
-losing myself in a moment
-stirring up new ideas and sticking to them
-finding unexpected connections
-reading a phrase that jostles the mind
-taking a deep breath and stopping to enjoy it
-ruminating in shared histories
-stopping everything to listen to all the layers in a song
-burrowing into Jim’s arms at the end of a long day
-peeling off work clothes and slipping into sweats
-knowing our pup is coming bounding up the stairs to nuzzle up with us
-waking up early on lazy Sundays, and knowing the day is ours for the making

I hope you find peace and comfort in the day-to-day subtleties that make our lives uniquely ours. Wishing a very happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

A labor of love that shook up my life a bit last week — a 30th birthday cake for Jimmy, with an awesome cake topper design by Joe Guy Allard.

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