Bringing It Home — Wedding Inspiration Come to Life

I meekly offered up my Inspiration Board to our wedding planner Kelli and hopes for the best. It had been a struggle getting everyone on the same page with the kind of wedding I was envisioning, and I’d had trouble convincing everyone that my hours upon hours of research were not for naught — I knew what I was doing — I just didn’t know how to communicate that or bring it all together.

I’d saved dozens of links and images to DIY projects and budget-friendly ideas, along with style and fashion ideas I loved. They were all stored away in multiple Google Docs, but how to share it all? Ask me what my dress looked like and I’ll turn into a bumbling buffoon, but let me show you a photo and I’ll be totally in command of my vision.

The PowerPoint packet I’d armed us all with the first meeting helped outline the vendors I’d secured, the schedule we’d outlined (this was a year before the wedding, mind you) and the budget we’d set. “Can we make this work?” I asked Kelli, as boldly and confidently as possible. She looked over the bare bones budget I’d laid out and I could see she was skeptical. I knew it was impractical. I just couldn’t justify spending a fortune on one day. “Sure,” she responded. “We’ll see what we can do.”

To my delight, it was more than we ever could have hoped for.

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