“Bridezillas” makes me feel better about myself

Bridezillas,” and my newest splurge, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” have taught me a lot about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Namely, in the pursuit of happiness, it’s best not to be mean to people you care about, to fixate on money and to be able to make a plan that takes into account, well, reality.

Mo money, mo problems. I guess I can empathize with the Kardashians to a certain extent. If one of the sisters is being, picked on by the others, I feel kinda bad. But to see the frustration and anger that boils up after not getting say, the best hotel suite out there (and yes, Kim really did have a fit over that), has made me realize that even the wealthiest people in the world can lead miserable lives when they fixate on the negatives in every situation. And hey, I get it. One of my phenomenal bridesmaids got us into a fancy hotel suite for my bachelorette party last weekend. And man, if I ever get put in a regular old room again, well, I just don’t know what I’ll do with myself. (Ahem, sarcasm.)

 The point is, yeah, better things are great, but if you asked me, treating yourself (cue the “Parks & Rec” clip) should be about taking a small slice of time to indulge in something you love. It’s not an onslaught of lots of expensive things at all time. What’s the fun in that? That’s what makes weddings so amazing. You get to splurge a little, on a few key things, like hair and make-up and a maybe a fancy vacay. That kind of stuff is probably never gonna happen again, so we’d best enjoy ourselves this time around (without going crazy, because I’m somehow a miser at 28).

Neglectful gal pals, mean sisters and controlling mamas. Anyhow, another thing that makes me feel better about myself is that in every episode of “Bridezillas,” the bride has a really tense and pretty horrible relationship with her mother and/or sisters and/or friend. “No wonder she’s like that,” Future Husband has pondered upon, after I’ve recounted the time when the bride’s mom bought a white dress, or when her sister insisted on being the star of the show. But hey, truth — Future Husband once grabbed me around the waist and held tight after hearing about a particularly fierce bridezilla.”It’s gonna be okay,” I’ll say, stroking his head. (Note to readers, I don’t really do that, but you get the picture.)

Luckily for Future Husband and my own sanity, I have phenomenally kind and thoughtful friends, an incredibly supportive family, a remarkably strong new family and hands-down, the best mom and dad in the whole wide world. Too bad they don’t make mugs that say something like that. People say that weddings bring out the best and the worst in people, and my experience has been no exception — I’ve seen the best come out in the people I care about most. Thank goodness.

Understanding your own limitations. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of people tend to ignore reality and any semblance of reality, really. I’m no exception. I’m constantly trying to bend time, so as not to be so late. But alas, the Jedi mind tricks I’m trying to harness through meditation have yet to materialize.

But thinking you can fit into your dress when you’re 20 pounds overweight and have two weeks until the big day? Come on, you were kind of setting yourself up for failure. Unless, that is, you wanted to do this incredibly offensive and pretty sickening strategy of going on a feeding tube for 10 days. (What is wrong with people?)

But I digress. I don’t know how it came to be this way, but a lot of people seem to think life is going to be handed to them on a silver platter. Didn’t send your wedding invitations out and it’s four days before the wedding, Bridezilla? What’s that, you say? Someone else should have thought to do it? Did someone forget to teach you about life? I don’t know if it’s a sense of entitlement or a misunderstanding of the way the world works, but it seems like every bridezilla expects her Jedi mind tricks to will people into knowing exactly what she wants and wanting to do it when your friend/sister/daughter is being so darned wretched. Why do people think it’s okay to be rude, bossy and mean to the people you love most? I don’t get it.

So there you have it. Some life lessons from some of the dumbest, and most infatuating, TV shows out there. As they say in French, voila. I hate to say it, but I’ve learned from shows like “Bridezillas.” I’ve learned to appreciate what I have, and to take this awkward moment in my life when I’m supposed to be the center of attention to honor and thank our family and friends, who are travelling from near and far to share in our excitement, offer support and advice, and, most importantly, to have a really great time.

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3 thoughts on ““Bridezillas” makes me feel better about myself

  1. I love how you can tie trashy things into smart thoughts! But I think that’s why we enjoy trashy television, it helps us appreciate our own lives. Even though the Kardashians or Real Housewives have everything they can dream up, they miss out on some of the things we value most. Privacy, true friendships, appreciation in the little things, etc. I find myself sucked in watching these shows and thinking “wow I can’t believe people live like this” but I wouldn’t want it for a second!

    • :) I absolutely agree. Thank goodness for reality TV shows! Otherwise, I’d write off divas like the Kardashians and Bridezillas as a myth. It reminds me what to do. Think of them, then opposite, opposite, opposite.

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