Put Your Face On — Wedding Make-Up How-to-Do?

Did you know eyebrow brushes were a thing? I certainly didn’t. But one-and-a-half hours into a free make-up consultation with a very attentive Bare Escentuals representative, and I was convinced. I needed a brow brush eye kit…and lip gloss, and a powder-based concealer, and some eye-awakening powder, and a new brush, and a whole lot of other stuff — and fast.

Mall passer-by looked oddly upon us, as I posed for my mom’s iPhone camera in front of a black background, and then a white one. This make-up was the bomb diggity, and now, I was equipped with the products I needed to become a good DIYer for my wedding make-up.

My mom was always a big believer in public institutions, like the library. We’d rent .DVDs of old musicals, and books, and CD-ROMs, when those were a thing. I can’t remember whether it was middle school or the summer before high school when we decided to rent a movie about make-up. The early 1980s DVD, while outdated, had its points. Ladies, do not pop your zits. (I did, and still do.) There were other such lessons — some of them useful, like using a darker color of the outer corner of your eye and a light color inside, to brighten up the eyes. Anyway, the point is, I’m partially- to nearly-competent in the make-over-sphere.

My fears about putting on my own face for the wedding? Well, what if my eye make-up smears under my eyes, or if I’m shaking when I’m putting on the eyeliner, or if my eye make-up isn’t dark enough, or if my lipstick doesn’t last?

Believe me, I know exactly how trivial and frivolous this all sounds. I’d much rather be burying my head in a New York Times article than roving through a stream of “wedding make-up” photos to get an idea of what I want to do.

But that’s the point too, kind of. It’s leaving the professional work to the professionals, as my wedding planner wisely reminds me of. If I really go through with doing my own make-up, knowing, going in, that I have only a semi-proficient knack for it, I’ll be forced to deal with the consequences (which most likely, will entail regret.) Plus, I’ll have to waste a heck of a lot more time and money “learning” how to do it — educating myself on the powers of color and brushes and…other make-up applicators and accessories that cost a heck of a lot more cash.

On the early morning of my wedding day, my lovely bridesmaids and I will be treated to breakfast at Salon Enza in Penfield (my hometown) as we get hair and make-up done. It’s an experience I’m very much looking forward to, because I’ll be spending it with my mom and very best friends. In the end, as always, it’s the people we’re with who count much more than the actual “look” we settle upon and the inevitable little falls along the way.

With the bridal shower and bachelorette party less than a week away, I’m over-the-moon excited to start celebrating the happiest day of my life with the people I care most about. Cheers, to old friends, and new beginnings, and let the little misadventures (which may or may not be make-up-related) bring us laughter and fond memories.

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