Downton Abbey has won over the hearts of Future Husband and I. With witty Lady Grantham spitting out casual insults like, “Nobody wants to kiss a girl in black,” a trio of sisters whose fashion is absolutely stunning and a slew of characters that cross class lines and have a heart-breakingly noble sense of dignity and morality, watching this show literally puts one right in the middle of one of the most stunning and exciting moments in history — back in Edwardian era England at the start of World War I. Oddly enough, well before I even knew of this show, back in February of last year, I’d decided to base our wedding motif around the elegant but pragmatic Edwardian style. (It may have had something to do with Jimmy’s love of “Dr. Who“, married with my obsession with classy vintage style.) We’ve since done a lot of mixing and melding to create a wedding decor that better speaks to who Jimmy and I are, but I’ve been hard-pressed to move entirely away from borrowing bits and pieces from this beautiful era of style and fashion.

For more on Downtown Abbey style, check out this blog post I’ve also “borrowed” or reblogged below. Also, I highly recommend checking out this YouTube video, which encapsulates Lady Grantham’s very best zingers: The show airs Sunday nights on PBS, so feel free to check it out.

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