3 Guys Leap Over a Year – Congrats!

Future Husband isn’t just any future husband. He’s a genuinely funny guy. Surprised? My half-hearted attempts at writing humorously might have given it away, but hey, here it is, out in the open. Future Husband’s true identity is…Mr. Jimmy LeChase. *Gasp.* Petrified? Mesmerized? No? Well, good. Now we can move forward with our post’s objective, shall we?

I’ve highlighted restaurants and pubs and festivals and non-profits and here I am, neglecting to publicize the most exciting grassroots effort going on in Rochester — its comedy scene. Over the past year, I’ve watched a bunch of local guys transition from good to great to I’d-pay-whatever-the-ticket-price-is for-this-show-worthwhile.  And what’s even more amazing is that their acts are so incredibly different. There are quirky ukulele players (which our wedding guests may meet soon – hint, hint), subtle observers, rhythmic yellers (the Bob, anyone?), standard stand-up guys and a really interesting array of female comics on the scene as well. I know it. The comics know it. Everyone who watches knows it. — These guys and gals are going somewhere.

So my guy — he’s one of these 3 Guys, who walked into a bar, and started holding monthly comedy shows at Boulder Coffee Company, on South Clinton and Alexander St. for $5 a show. And they got a real gem of an artist named Joe Guy (who happened to do the card Jimmy proposed to me with) to start doing their posters. And then they started hosting shows at Lovin’ Cup, and other cool local venues. And then they were featured in City Newspaper. And now, a year in, they’ve launched a brand new website, which houses some good videos of their stuff, upcoming events they’re hosting and links to their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

And a year into this incredible endeavor that Jimmy, and his partners, Bryan Ball and Vinnie Paulino, are just getting started. It amazes me and sincerely humbles me that so much amazing talent is at our front door (and for me, one of them quite literally resides within these doors.) There’s much to be enjoyed out there on the Rochester comedy scene, and there’s plenty more to come. So cheers, 3 Guys, to a very happy first year! Here’s to many more.

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