On Shower Day, a Sign of What’s to Come

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“Are you nervous?” Future Husband hadn’t meant to get me anxious. I knew that he was just being the amazing guy he was and checking in on me. But I started to tense up a bit. I knew that he’d done everything in his power to make sure that this time, this weekend, for this event, I was calm, relaxed, and ready to be my best. He’d gone to great lengths to please me, nay, to flat-out delight me, with a fancy and absolutely lovely Friday dinner date at Zeppa Bistro – yet another South Wedge gem that recently opened its doors, followed by a guilty pleasure I hide deep and darkly in my soul – some episodes of “Jersey Shore.” The next morning, he made from scratch the most incredible vegetable frittata, with locally grown vegetables and eggs and fresh goat cheese. He did the dishes; he let me indulge in “No Reservations” all day; the list goes on. All for today.

From start to finish, the shower my new sisters threw for me could not have gone more perfectly. My maid-of-honor and mom got along swimmingly as I was introduced to the many incredibly sweet friends of the family, who all had nothing but the warmest things to say. An elegant affair had taken place the night prior, and there were gorgeous big, tall mercury glass candles and coupled with big, gorgeous white blooms and sparkly crystal lights. The tables for my special day were adorned with exquisite, sunny concoctions of yellow roses, moss and a nest and egg, which sat atop a glass platter and was encased in glass, like the rare famous rose in Beauty in the Beast, which I so admired when I was little. They were placed upon pretty antique mirrors, with little votives surrounding them. The favors – delicious yellow frosted cookies with white stitching around the heart-shaped exterior and a lovely K & J in the center. The cake was to die for – a double layer chocolate cake with toffee chunks in the bottom layer of frosting and a banana cream on the top layer, encased in white frosting with K & J red hearts and lovely yellow-green roses on top.

The fireplace was warm, and so to was the atmosphere. New acquaintances became old friends and families were unified as one loving, supportive, caring and excited ball of love. The shower couldn’t have been more perfect, and if this is a sign up what’s to come, then boy are we in for a treat.

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