The Taming of the Locks

I’m no good with hair. Chances are, you’ve seen me sporting a side-swept ponytail or perhaps the high bun. If no one has broken the news to you yet, I’m a pretty status quo routine type person, and easy is easy. I like to think of the obstacles I’m facing with the beautifying prep work (why oh why haven’t I stayed up on Us magazine?) are a sign that I’m comfortable enough with myself not to care. So this morning, as I was pondering this momentous task of how to announce myself into adult society (aka my fam and friends) and my future husband, I fell back into my inner English lit. nerd self.

The Taming of the Shrew offers a glimpse into the future lives of a married couple (so says SparkNotes, and I must give credit, where credit is due). The play also explores the social dimension of love — how love is perceived and conveyed. Money is an important factor in the play, and while we have all the freedom they dreamed about in Shakespeare’s time, money continues to be a monumental factor in wedding planning, as is evidenced by the massive industry it has awoken. The pressure to entertain, to wow, to impress is greater than ever, and every bride I’ve spoken with has had at least one story of an absolute melt-down that took place on her way to the altar. It’s not cool, and we know it’s ridiculous to spend extraneous gobs of money on the wedding. But how can you say no to nicer transportation and better bridal party gifts just to save a few bucks? Alas, we spend away, because we know its worth. It’s worth it to make the people we love, the people who are standing by us and supporting us, feel thanked, and loved, appreciated and special. I already owe more thank yous than I can ever doll out, so the least we can do is throw a killer party. And that includes trying to tame the locks, whether my hair has to endure a stiffening of epic proportions, or not. (I just don’t think I’ll ever get used to hair spray.) So here’s what I got:

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Hair Challenge

The hairstyles above aren’t half bad, but they’re not take-a-step back astounding either. Maybe no hair style is. After all, they’re mildly different variations on the way we look every day. But just in case the world’s most beautiful wedding hair style is out there though, laying out in the vast Internet world, perhaps you could send it my way. Much obliged :)

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