Surround Yourself in Quirky Family Love

Knitting Nation, at the ICA in Boston

Thanksgiving has come to be synonymous with new experience. We’ve gone to see the Blue Men Group, Body Worlds and Boylston Street, to name a few, over the years. And as I think back on our crazy tales of U-turns and midnight suppers, of football games and late night chats, of comfort despite unpredictability, I realize how lucky I am. I have a bunch of nuts in my family who are as up for seeking out bizarre exhibits and new adventures as I am.

It’s one thing for a family to have similar mannerisms or a similar style, but we seem to emulate one another day in, and day out. I see a little bit of me in all of people I call family, both good and bad. Family enables us to learn so much more about ourselves, both in reminding us of who we were and of showing us who we are. As we sat back and watched home videos after a long Black Friday of combing the streets for discounts, I felt a security and serenity that one hopes to feel with others at all times. We watched and laughed. There we were, on TV, with these same people, but we were all so utterly different. I was a few feet shorter and the MC Hammer pants were still in, and yet we were all integral to one another’s lives back in 1988, just as we all were at that very moment in 2011. I’ve grown up, but more than that, we’ve evolved, together.

And just as I’ve gotten older (and hopefully wiser) with my family, so too have I grown up with Future Husband. Why, you might ask, are there graveyard shots at the bottom of this post that gushes about the joys of familyhood? The answer: to show you how my heart doth glow and my bravery doth grow whenever I’m with Future Husband, even in the spookiest of places. Okay, you got me. I kind of just wanted an excuse to share some photos of me, Future Husband and the Valiant Vinnie, roaming the place that’s supposed to invoke the most fear: triumphantly, defiantly, but mainly, enjoyably. Plus, I got to show off my experimentation photos with Future Husband’s Hipstomatic app. I’ll get better, I promise.

But gushiness and show-off-iness aside, this holiday season, my Martha Stewart tip is to focus appreciating family, plain and simple. There’s no way I could ever, or would ever, replace the bonds I’ve forged with the people I love most. It’s amazing(ly terrifying) to think back on all that they’ve seen me through, and how much we know about one another. And so, as I continue to grow incredibly strong ties with my new family, I’ll hold close to the goofy, fantastically wonderful people who have helped me become who I am today. These people will see me through to the end. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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