A Few Good Things: What I’m Thankful For

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Six months from now, I’ll be sipping some coffee with my new hubbie. It’s weird to think about, and yet somehow, at this point, it’s a given. We’ve been planning since back in January — sooo for about 11 months now — and a lot has changed course along the way. Those forks in the road have taught us a lot about each other, and how to work as a team. Now that we’re into the home stretch, we’re both starting to pare down the distractions and get back to the basics.

Jim’s birthday was fun. It was simple, but enjoyable. Far from the lavish birthdays we’ve had in the past, with luxury getaways at the Canandaigua Inn on the Lake and the Stone Mill of Little Falls, a caution to the wind “dine out every meal because we deserve it,” mentality and big bash birthday nights with friends, we decided to take it easy this time around. I surprised Future Husband with a Wegmans Ultimate Chocolate Cake  (a cake taste-testing sesh is always good to fit in, right?), a chocolate stout beer and a plaid flannel jacket for fall. Pretty simple, but enjoyable all the same. I seized the opportunity for celebration and picked up some pinwheel-making skills (DIY tutorial here) while I was at it. (Always thinking wedding.) And we got a delicious lunch (instead of an extravagant dinner) with friends at our favorite local pub, the Tap and Mallet.

We’re taking things down a notch every where we can. I’m constantly updating our registry, and have tried to pare it down to the stuff we’ll really use on a daily basics Yesterday, I literally saw a light bulb go off on the side of my head when I thought to add a pet-specific broom (for our big hairy monster) and a new recycling bin to the registry. This is the kind of stuff we need, not just a new set of plates to replace the perfectly good plates we already have. The only way I can think of justifying that would be if we had a garage sale, and I’m not planning a garage sale in the middle of the wedding planning tornado that’s about to come my way (plus, we don’t even have a garage, so that’s another strike.)

Six months in, and frankly, I’m feeling pretty good about everything, and incredibly grateful for our friends and family who have helped along the way. I have my lovely ladies on board , made up of 10, yes 10, future family members and close friends, awesome parents, we’ve secured our band, location, photographer and the likes, and I’m finally feeling like everyone’s pretty much on the same page. Note to all future brides — a communications background comes in real handy for special occasions planning.

We have most of the pieces in place, so now we have to take a step back and figure out where it makes sense to scale back. I mean, let’s be honest: with a wedding at the gorgeous Oak Hill Country Club and a honeymoon in St. Barth, we’re pretty much preparing for a time of absolute excess. So, it makes sense to sacrifice now, so we can have more to splurge on our blow-out party later, right? Plus, it’ll be that much more worth it when we get to the finish line. Six more months to go. There’s a lot to do and it’ll all come along way too soon. But I’m grateful for what we’ve been able to accomplish so far, and am excited and ready for what the future holds. So come on, future, bring it on.

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