Mann, is it Wedding Season, or What?

Yup, this is where I'll be in 60 hours...just scoping out the gorgeous setting with my awesome friends & best guy, NBD.

Geez Louise, there are a lot of weddings in the air. It seems like every day, the ever gossipy Facebook is showing me the status update of a gal pal with a last name I no longer recognize, or a photo of a happily wedded duo. Okay, you got me. I might Facebook stalk just a smidgen. Not in a creepy, hide your sons and daughters sort of way or anything, but in an, I haven’t talked to her since elementary school and it’s kind of weird that I care about her wedding , sort of way. Facebook is a communicator, right? That works to assuage my conscience. All that information up there is meant to be read.

And it’s great. I love seeing two people, just being happy. Everyone does up their special day ever so differently. “Gosh, that’s so them,” I’ll say to myself, completely fascinated by whatever love story I’m assuming they’re trying to tell. This weekend, I step back from the photos, and into a real life wedding. My second Laura wedding of the season, actually. The first one was fabulous, and I absolutely can’t wait for the second one, which will be completely and totally different.

The D.C. wedding involves a cruise boat down the Potomac River, and I’m told there will be pie. Lots and lots of pie. I’m not quite sure what else, but I’m sure it’ll be fab. Anyway, it’s the company you keep that really matters, right? And these kiddos we’ll be reuniting with are awesome. I found myself crying tears of joy, literally, at how amazing the world was the last time I saw them at our picture perfect Skidmore 5-year reunion. Granted, I was ridiculously overtired and listening to our Save the Date song and crying an equal amount joy for seeing my friends and joy that I was coming home to my one and only, but still. That’s a pretty intense emotion to have, like, ever. And to have a group of college friends who I truly believe to be my family, well, that’s just the cat’s meow. Or the bee’s knees, if you will. You get what I’m saying.

And even better, Future Husband and I get to go down together, aaand….wait for it… stay with my Maid-of-Honor/BFF Re-Kate and her super great boyfriend. Wow, I hope I can sleep tonight. Seriously, I’m getting that excited. Well, with that, I bid you adieu, my dear readers. I can’t promise that I won’t forget to take pictures or neglect to report back on my adventures, but I can assure you, good times will be had.

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5 thoughts on “Mann, is it Wedding Season, or What?

  1. Nicely written — I just drove by that vista today, on my way to a meeting!


    Uncle Bruce

    • Luckyyy :) Thanks, Uncle Bruce! I wish we had more time to visit while we were down there, but we’ll be getting in just before the wedding and heading out bright and early on the following morning. Lots of love to you and Maripaz though! Wishing you both all the best!

  2. can’t wait to see you soon!

    Much love from Korea,

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