Bitten by the Cake Bug…But I Still Can’t See the Future

It’s time to track down C-C-C-C-Cake Boss!…you know, from the Pod F. Tompkast with Paul F. Tompkins! Anyone? Welp, good thing I’m marrying a (fellow) comedy nerd.

Anyway, moving on…I have a massive sweet tooth, which has waned over the years, but I’ve never really been a fan of cake. Cake is cake. Sometimes it’s decent and sometimes it’s good, but that’s about it, in terms of differentiation. Truth be told, I’d be just as happy with a sheet cake from Wegmans as with anything else. But there’s a tradition in the cutting of the cake, and I get that, and it’s cool, so we’ll probably go with it.

If we’re talking about different kinds of desserts though, well then, my friends, the gates of sweetness are open for business. You’ve got your neighborhood classic Cheesy Eddie’s — a little pricey but totes indulgent-worthy; Savoia cannolis et al — for your standard”OMG this is so worth it” moments; your scrumptious selection of delicacies like peanut butter balls from Jon Johns Bakery; your typical cupcakes (a la Sugar Mt. Bake Shoppe) — which, let’s be honest, are mainly just look cute; your Donuts Delite O’s — which I love the idea of, but doh! The taste hardly ever meets expectations; your autumnal pies — which a friend is doing (clever, clever girl); your sundae bar — our dream but alas, potentially too cold for May; your creme brulee — drool; and, oh, I don’t know…every other tasty dessert imaginable. Geez. That’s wayyy too many options for a girl who has been known to spend an hour fiddling with wording for a generic email. What to do, what to do.

A post-bride-to-be once told me that the best way to keep one’s sanity before the big day is by picking the things that really matter and the things that aren’t quite so important. Cake, alas, falls on the list for the latter. Fear not, potential guests, we’ll be sure to make a good choice. We do care about delighting your palates, after all. But this isn’t something I’m going to stress over. And so, with that little pep talk, let the cake-tasting adventures begin. I don’t think I’ll have much exciting news to offer when we do find that spongy, frosty one and only, but I’m sure we’ll get to try out a lots of decent cakes along the way. And that’s what it’s all about, right? — The journey…not the cake.

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3 thoughts on “Bitten by the Cake Bug…But I Still Can’t See the Future

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