And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

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I frantically scrambled around the house, searching for the last piece of my ensemble — a sparkly black pillbox clutch that my mom’s cousin had made me. I knew I was running late, but there was nothing I could do. As all ladies can attest, accessories are a pain in the butt. They can make or break an outfit, and should you choose to leave them behind, well, you’ll be sorry when the time comes to pull out that extra pair of flats or need to grab your camera. I found the missing link and scrambled out there door. Future Husband rushed me to the bride-to-be’s parents’ home, sheltered me from the rain as I approached the porch and kissed me goodbye.

Me and the other ladies-in-waiting greeted our dear friend as she arrived back from the salon. She looked so pretty, with her blonde hair pulled back into delicate curls as a low up-do, and a mid-length veil covering her shoulders. Her little niece bounded out as we munched on lunch, and we exchanged smiles as the adorable toddler twirled around to show off her brand new dress. There was a nervous energy in the air. The day had held my dreams hostage for the past couple of nights was finally here, and now, as we anxiously waited for our ride to the church, I realized how close it all was, and how quickly it would all be over.

There I was, standing and swaying from side-to-side with one of my Mercy girls, as the beautiful bride danced around the room with her father. “I see trees of green…red roses too…” With a smile taped to my face, I watched, in awe of the sheer joy I felt for my friend on her special day. I knew she was marrying her perfect match. From the first day I’d met him, it had been impossible not to notice how much he adored her. With every exchange, with every gesture, with every step they took together, I knew they were meant to be.

I looked across the room, and saw my guy standing there, with his newly buzzed ‘do. He made a goofy face and I giggled loudly. I extended my hand and we stepped out onto the dance floor, busting a move in as dynamic and silly a way as possible. We laughed and bounced and twirled and shouted/sang to the likes of “Ice, Ice Baby” and “Poker Face” and “Don’t Stop Believin’.” And I knew I’d met my match. The world fell away when my hands were in his, and the world was ours for the taking.

There’s a whole lot of hullabaloo that comes with the wedding process. It’s easy to let the cost of flowers or the frustration over programs cast a dark veil over something that should be clear and honest and true — the decision to commit to the one you love most in the world, for a lifetime. But I realized last night, that without a doubt, it’s all worth it.

Every moment of Craig and Laura’s wedding was so unmistakably them, from the black and white them with the dashes of red rose pedals and crystal, to the cozy but elegant Green Lantern Inn reception.  We hugged goodbye before they headed off to their “perfectly them” honeymoon on Seneca Lake, and I gushed the whole ride home to Future Husband about the whimsical nature of weddings. To see two people come together with family and friends, as they embark on a lifetime journey together, is a humbling and eye-opening experience. We greeted our pup and settled into our jammies, smiling all the while, and I reminisced about the day, which was over much too quickly. Call it whatever you want, be it luck, or a blessing, or fate. Weddings are places where magic happens.

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4 thoughts on “And I Think to Myself, What a Wonderful World

  1. You have such a wonderful way with words that really captures the magical, fairytale-ness of it all :)

    • Thanks, Bogusia! I really appreciate that. You’re quite the talented blogger too, by the way :) I’m always impressed with the content you put out there. Hope all is well in D.C.!

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