I Love You in Your Autumn Sweater

Ahh, autumn is finally here. My favorite of all seasons. Because I’ve been trying to distract myself from making the next round of wedding decisions preemptively, I’ve been completely and totally into fashion trends as of late.

I started by looking at things I knew I couldn’t/shouldn’t buy, then looking at their cheaper alternatives online but finding that rather unfulfilling and finally, as visions of colored scarves danced through my head, I resolved to make my very own inaugural fashion inspiration board — to ring in the new season.

So I pulled a bunch of images from my Pinterest style board, grabbed a few extras from Etsy, dropped them — rather haphazardly and unceremoniously — into Gimp (the free version of Photoshop, which is a lot like trying to speak a new language).  And voila.

Here’s my mess of style. The way I threw this together pretty much mirrors how I assemble my wardrobe in real life.  There was a lot of inspiration and a lot of fumbling through that time-consuming but necessary process of trial and error. My beloved collage of goodness entails:

Pretty much the usual suspects for fashion as of late, but the thought of swapping a dress and flip-flops for a chunky long sweater and rider boots makes me positively giddy. Winter’s another story but if you ask me, nothing beats autumn in Upstate New York. The leaves are starting to turn into the most brilliant burnt colors, and the times, they are a-changing.

Less than eight months until the big day now, and while I know hibernation is out of the question, I’m counting on the cooler weather to help me take it a little slower. I started my goals for this season off rather brashly, hoping to take on the world, and perfect myself, and then some. Well, my friends, plans have changed. Forced change, like quicksand, can be pretty debilitating, so go with the flow I will! My new resolution this season, to stay in the moment — with a nice, big cup of tea and my two favorite guys (Future Hubs and Vin the Adorable) by my side. Now that’s a future I can see myself in.

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2 thoughts on “I Love You in Your Autumn Sweater

  1. modebrainstorm on said:

    Sweaters are def one of the best things about autumn :)

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