Owl House: Food, Glorious Food (Now Serving Brunch)

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The Saturday wine tour was fun, but I was pretty exhausted on Sunday. Future Husband offered to take me on a “Half Day, Katie Day” holiday, to brunch at the Owl House. We were dying to check out the Owl House during its inaugural brunch-making weekend , which was consequently our three-year moving into our home anniversary :)

We were so blown away by my amazing huevas rancheros with jalapeno corn bread and Jim’s straight-up awesome Owl House breakfast (see above for photographic evidence), we decided we had to order a dessert dish, banana bread pudding french toast with candied walnuts. Because come on, it was a special and also, they never, ever have it again? How could we take that risk and live with ourselves? So pile on the calories we did, and boy was it glorious.

Every time I dine at the Owl House, I vow to write about it, and then dance off into a food merriment and forget about my commitment to share my secret with the world. The restaurant has impressed me time and time again, enough to elevate itself, hands down, to favorite restaurant status. Come on, you saw the brunch — It’s amazing.

But I first fell in love with my fav place’s incredible lunch and dinner menu, which proudly and strongly supports vegetarians and those with gluten-free or dairy-free leanings as well. Despite the growing trend in good and deliberately vegetarian fare, the Owl House one of the only restaurants that makes me feel like not eating meat is a normal thing, and perhaps so much so that it could be considered the norm. The menu and decor of the place feels homey, like the food and ambiance are being carefully crafted, just for me.

Fear not, meat-lovers. There’s also a wide assortment of tasty meat selections, like the Cherub sandwich, made with sirloin steak, and refreshingly novel apps like bacon-wrapped figs. The bartender is also a certifiable genius, with cocktails that range from Lost-themed Smoke Monster — a Bloody Mary with dried ice, to the Toronto, with rye whiskey and homemade ginger syrup.

Future Hubbie and I always peek at Owl House’s daily menu, even if we don’t have plans to go out, since dinner specials always have the “wow” factor with their enviably fresh, local ingredients combined in a mind-blowingly good way of pairing them that delights the senses. Seriously, I hate that phrase, “wow” factor, but this place is great enough, that I’ll stand by my decision to use the phrase here.

After satisfyingly sauntering out the doors of the Owl House’s homey…house — yes, it is in actuality, an old house, which gives it even more charm — I peaked in Abundance Cooperative Market across the street, a local organic grocery store and “ooed and awed” for awhile, before being whisked off to ABVI Goodwill for Part Deux of Half Day, Katie Day. We found some killer deals, and retired to our home for a much-needed day of rest. T’was a glorious day for all. What’s the point of all of Katie’s ramblings today, you may ask? if you haven’t checked out the Owl House yet and you live in Rochester, GO. It will make your day.

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