Adding Something Fun to the Plate: Table Runners

First official sewn table runner! A little wrinkled, but it'll do.

When we first got engaged, which was more than nine months ago (halfway there!), I wanted to pick the my cousin’s brain. She’s trendy by day and wedding planner of Uniquely Your Event…also by day. The cuz threw together a beautiful DIY-infused wedding, and I wanted to do the same. Among the skills she recommended I brush up on, sewing was one of them. It was among the least threatening of the skills, behind flower arranging (my former arch nemesis) and calligraphy.

I had gotten a sewing machine a few Christmases ago, wanting to follow in the footsteps of my very smart, thrifty and super sweet co-workers. I had tried to make a yellow sun dress with a dress pattern and failed miserably, then moved onto a somewhat successful market bag, which I proudly presented to my mom on her birthday. Okay, so maybe there were a few mishaps in the “just winging it” dress-altering realm as well, but I’d rather not get into it.

Since my endless search for inexpensive party items is on a brief hiatus — I have a wedding planner at my side now, to guide me through the insanity — I decided to take on some crafty tasks that will come in handy further down the road. Who knows? I could be hemming Future Husband’s pants and altering my dresses in years to come, just like they did way back when. Who needs to new things when you can fix stuff you have? Am I right?

I am proud to say that Project Table Runner was a relative success . (See the photo above for proof :) ) I followed simple instructions from eHow’s website and skipped through a kind of creepy eHow video to figure it out.  I went on to add some fun embellishments with my trusty old hot glue gun.

I figure, while I’m on the topic, I might as well also showcase a table runner I made out of wrapping paper about a year ago. Yet another great idea by, surprise, surprise, Martha Stewart. I remember thinking, wrapping paper on the table? This isn’t something people do, do they? It’s too easy. What’s this you say, Martha Stewart, almighty designater of the socially acceptable? You have a tutorial? Well, all right then. I’m on board. The wrapping paper runner doesn’t hold up especially well, but it’s not really intended to. It added a fun splash of color to an otherwise drab coffee table, so it’s certainly served its purpose.

Since I’m very much a two birds with one stone sort of thinker — my days as a busser back in the day programmed my brain to be as productive as possible at all times — I love picking up new skills like this. I have to admit, if I was making table runners and arranging flowers for the actual big day, I’d be freaking out and not nearly as lackadaisical about everything. Luckily for me, we planned a heck of a long engagement, so we could enjoy every moment fully and as stress-free as possible. I’d say we’re a couple of smart cookies, Future Husband and I.

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