Get Crafty with It: Silver Centerpieces, that is

The so oft forgotten resource of spray paint makes everything look better, especially when you’re looking to dress something up with a sheek, silver finish. After having hitting the wall with my relatively unsuccessful endeavor of excavating cheap party sites like Oriental Trading Company for classic-looking vases, planters and frames, I purchased a can of said spray paint. The product, which promised a sterling silver finish, did not disappoint. I tested the tactic on a cheap vase from the ever impressive South Clinton Dollar Tree and a bowl from the still more amazing South Clinton ABVI Goodwill. While I must admit that the paint chips off easily with one coat, I’d consider my venture a winning one.

I went on to spray the pot that housed my pretty pink flowers and was

pleasantly surprised to see the container had been transformed into a picture perfect piece for a rustic DIY wedding. I’m in the market for a classically elegant vibe on the big day, so I’ll need something a bit more upscale, but it works just fine for home decor. I’d love to spring for some real, vintage silver pieces, but I know decoration costs add up fast, so I’ll just have to keep an eye out for some viable alternatives. I still have plenty of time for antiquing and eBay-surfing, so we’ll see what turns up.

In the mean time, I’m looking forward to round two with the silver spray. I’ve got some decorative bowls, frames and accessories in the queue, and maybe I’ll even try to jazz them up a bit with raised lettering like the example I found on my beloved Pinterest site. With some recently purchased Mod Podge, fabric and scrapbook paper, who knows what could happen? Oh craftiness, how I love thee.

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3 thoughts on “Get Crafty with It: Silver Centerpieces, that is

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