Kissing Balls: Great in Theory, Tricky in Execution

I love kissing balls. They’re pretty and fun, and they involve my favorite craft-making activity. You guessed it — flower-making. After my hairdresser clued me into the fact that kissing balls and wedding bouquets both started with a styrofoam ball, I had to check it out.

I had a grandiose  vision of me walking down the aisle with a handmade bouquet of literary flowers of sentimental value, but like so many things in life, it was not to be. The project itself worked, but my first ball, which comprised of hot-glued on green and pink tissue paper flowers, dark royal blue material flowers and some newspaper blooms, looked like a mess. They were all different shapes and sizes, and while each individual flower I crafted were beautiful, combined, they made a misshaped sphere that was far from wedding appropriate.

I waited a week to start attempt #2. Adhering to the advice of Future Husband, I decided to stick with just one material for my kissing bloom, which I still hoped could be used as a bouquet. I stuck with the newspaper blooms, and got quite good at folding the leaves around and adjusting them just so, to look like real pedals. The end result looked better, but still rather inconsistent and ultimately unusable. *Sigh.* Hey, at least I tried, right? I think I’ll stick with the things I know best and rely on the experts at Etsy for help with the whole cool but sophisticated decorating look.

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2 thoughts on “Kissing Balls: Great in Theory, Tricky in Execution

  1. you are so creative, i love the literary flowers idea!

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