A Little Bridesmaid Love

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It is truly an honor have such an extraordinarily group of friends and family stand beside me as I marry the person I love most in the world.

For those of you who haven’t been bridesmaids before, let me tell you, it’s a huge responsibility. I don’t know when and how the wedding industry managed to manipulate many brides-to-be into expecting the world to bow down to them, but it’s downright wrong. Bridesmaid duties can range from very minimal to the extreme, which can include paying for expensive dresses many will never wear again, shoes and jewelry, professional make-overs and hairdos, engagement, shower and/or bachelorette parties and gifts on every one of those occasions. Yeesh. Just the sound of all that freaks me out.

Have I mentioned how amazing all my ladies-in-waiting are? I have three beautiful future sisters-in-law, and as amazing moms, they all have pretty full schedules, but they’re ever-supportive, and always make time to listen to my wedding ideas and meanderings. My best friend of all time, or at least since first grade, lives in D.C. and after graduating from law school, she just joined a very impressive firm. My other lovely and talented bridesmaids live up and down the Northeast, and are enjoying their paths as a future veterinarian at Cornell, a future PA in Philly, a Colonial Williamsburg museum curator, and two Boston globetrotters — one who tours the ends of the earth with students in tow, and another who travels for an impressive job in the medical industry. Told you they were incredible. My amazing future niece, who is blossoming into a bright young lady, is a pro at horse shows and has kindly agreed to be my junior bridesmaid. Believe it or not, there are more fantastic friends I wish I could have included as well.

My point is, though, that the idea of expecting these established young women to wait on me is ridiculous. I should be bowing down to them, for agreeing to take time out of their busy lives to be there for me on my special day. I wanted to start everything off right, with personalized cards that included fabric swatches, so they can peruse dresses and pick out one that’s in their price range and that they know they’ll wear again. I just picked up the fabric at Jo Ann Fabrics, and the scrapbook paper, calligraphy pen, stencils and paint are from Michael’s. I hope that with this little token of appreciation, I’ll be able to set the right tone and remind my dear, dear friends and family members that I appreciate their being for me, but that more importantly, I’ll be there for them.

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