Local Pride: Wedgestock

We were all about it last year. Wedgestock, that is. Last year’s event had been smaller, but more exciting to us, as fledgling locavores. Our local little neck of the woods had set aside a block to tout South Avenue’s local businesses, and we were going to support it, gosh darn it.

Mocha and cream shaved ice, aka heaven on earth

This year, though, it seemed like the Wedgestock had sprouted its own wings, with ads and PR placement, and it need to rely as heavily on us neighborhood folk. Future Husband had done the dishes and made some coffee, as I sleepily crawled out of bed after a long, fun night at Lux with friends. We were enjoying a nice, laid-back Saturday. I figured I’d tweet a plug for the fest and go about my day. I pulled up the link to the fest and called Jimmy over. We looked at the list of vendors and crafters and immediately began getting dressed.

Happy to be in a dinosaur zombie tee

The DJ music was pumping as we entered upon a fun assortment of local crafts and artwork, tents for local businesses and organizations and lots of new and unfamiliar food trucks. Oh, the food trucks. I was told I simply had to try Snow Daze‘s mocha and cream shaved ice, and Future Husband went with the tasty tart cherry. He picked up a cool dinosaur zombie tee from Our Secret Treehouse and I collected many a local business card, with plans to check out Etsy shops when I got home.

South Wedge, beloved neighborhood of mine, you’ve outdone yourself again. For a list of local crafters and delicious eats from the event, visit wedgestock.org.

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