Would a Rose Created by an Artist Smell as Sweet?

Storybook Rose from Smile Mercantile on Etsy

Nature has a way of taking my breath away. With every jog around the neighborhood, or walk through Highland Park, or glance at my mother’s garden, I feel both humbled and amazed. Flowers can completely transform one’s surroundings, whether they’re growing wild and free in the big, wide world or are bundled up into bouquets and vases for events like, oh I don’t know, weddings. As my earliest readers will know, from the time I began rattling off ideas on this blog, I’ve been engaged in an inner battle about the important but scary prospect of flower arranging. When we first thought we’d be having a winter wedding, I toyed with the idea of having no flowers at all. Then, as we moved to spring and the wedding ceremony was set outdoors, flowers became inevitable. I still toyed with idea of having crêpe paper blooms to garnish the setting though. I started leaning toward an eco-friendly wedding, one which would allow me to have my cake and eat it too. That is to say, an eco-friendly wedding would allow me to incorporate flowers without having to pluck them, prune them, bunch them and arrange them into submission. (I’ll be honest too and admit that cost, storage and time consumption were the driving force behind this eco-friendly initiative.)

As I transition from the state of wishy-washiness to action — 10 months to go :) — I’m finding that there’s a bit more method to my madness than I’d realized. As it turns out, my ideas haven’t been that bad after all. Granted, I’ll look back through many a Google document link and think something like, “Maroon runners? But why?” But some of the things I like, are just things I’ve always liked. Take the navy and pink color scheme, for example. Gorgeous, classy, simple and scaled back. Is that me? Well, description-wise, no, but style-wise, absolutely.

Yesterday, I was meandering through the Interwebs for wedding ideas, news and the likes, and I came across this drop-dead gorgeous flower (on the left.) It’s handcrafted from German story books of the 1830s. The Storybook Roses, created by Smile Mercantile on Etsy, come in a groupings of six and can be customized. I have to be honest, I didn’t feel a “this is it” moment when I tried on my wedding dress, which I now love, but I kind of had that feeling with this bouquet. I don’t know if it’s the historical heritage that comes along with these one-of-a-kind blooms or the fact that I’ve been fascinated with recreating roses from the time I was a child — I drew roses constantly — but something about this bouquet just hits me. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I still have a nagging feeling that I should air on the side of traditional for the big things, like bouquets, centerpieces and colors, but this elegant, romantic piece brings out the extraordinary in me, in us. Throwing in a few standout, off-the-beaten-path pieces can’t hurt, right? In fact, they might highlight our individuality a bit more clearly and powerfully than a bunch of randomly assorted pieces that don’t quite mesh. Alright, well, Storybook Roses, I’m not making any promises, but I’ve got my eye on you.

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2 thoughts on “Would a Rose Created by an Artist Smell as Sweet?

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