It’s Business Time: Getting Down to the Invites

From Maia McDonald on Pinterest

Free time is not something that’s been readily available as of late. Throughout spring and into this hotter than Hades summer, I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Us Rochesterians may have a long winter, but when it gets nice out, man, that date book fills up fast. Every weekend seems to have been filled to the brim with social gatherings, birthdays and celebrations. Weekday evenings have been kidnapped by outdoor concerts, meetings, market outings and casual drinks with friends. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been great. Tack on the cooking/craft/cleaning kicks I’ve been on, and you’ve got yourself a very busy girl.

It’s been pretty crazy, but admittedly, it’s mostly been fun and games. Cue dramatic movie trailer voice — Until now. Last weekend entailed a lot of errand-running for a friend’s wedding and a hectic rush to the vet to get my pup’s hot spots treated and cared for. Next weekend, I’ll be making an appearance in Philly to visit with some really wonderful old friends. But after that, it’s Business Time. No, I don’t mean business time in the way that the Flight of the Conchords  sing about it in the video I posted, but I like it and it’s in my head now, so why not share a good thing? 

I have notebooks and Google documents and mental notes up the wazoo for my next steps in wedding preparations. But I have faith…and a new set of stencils and scrapbook paper, which have gotten me excited about my next mission — stationary. It’s time to figure out my fonts and patterns and style. For my next project, should I choose to accept it, I’ll play around with calligraphy, hand-written cursive, paper flowers (of course), buttons, stamps, ribbon, fabric…the possibilities are endless. A friend offered to teach me a bit about graphic design too, so when all is said and done, I’ll be a lean, mean, craft-making machine.

Okay, okay. In reality, when I say I’m experimenting with the look for my stationary and signs, I mean just that. I probably won’t use much of anything I personally produce, but it’s fun for me to give it a shot myself, to get a better idea of what the experts can offer (that I can’t pull off)  and what style I’m most drawn to. My penny pinching nature won’t allow me to spend too much on patterns I’m wishy-washy on, so it’s my favorite choice or nothing at all. I’ve found a lot of great printable invitations on Etsy and I love the idea of working with an artist on customized invitation (with our monogram, or big flowers, or trees, or birds, or silhouettes, or hearts? Only time will tell.) While I don’t have a great printer myself, I’m eager to check out the affordability of getting programs, invitations, etc. done at Office Max. It’ll be more professional-looking and less stress inducing. And so, with that, I give you…the next step on my way to matrimony. Exciting, right? Overwhelming? A bit. But I’m looking forward to the journey, nonetheless. Here are a few web-based places I’ve come across, which offer some fun ideas about DIY print materials. (Told you I saved too many links.)


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2 thoughts on “It’s Business Time: Getting Down to the Invites

  1. Hi Katie! Your dad sent me a link to your wedding blog (which I love already and I’m only 1 post in!!) and I wanted to share a resource you may be interested in for your invitations. It’s called A Printable Press ( While it’s not quite free, you buy the design, they customize it with your details and you print them – easy peasy!
    I just started working with your dad at Harris Beach, and I’m planning my wedding too! I only have something like 5 weeks (AHH!!) until mine. Hope you’re enjoying planning, and I hope you find A Printable Press useful!
    p.s. I’m on Pinterest too! (

    • Hi Maureen, thanks for your suggestion! I was actually looking at Printable Press today and it looks like a wonderful option. The designs are right up my alley too — romantic and whimsical but classy too. Congratulations on your engagement and rapidly approaching wedding! I’m sure everything will come together beautifully :)

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