Favorite Places & Spaces in Rochester

Taco John (right) with beer selection at Nathaniel's

Everyone in the South Wedge knows Taco John. He’s married to the darling Tap and Mallet waitress/duchess of the Wedge, Jeana, and he owns the awesome and inexpensive John’s Tex Mex. Oh and also Nathaniel Square Corner store, with Vegan Wednesday and the best beer selection in town. Oh and he sponsors a lot of really cool South Wedge events, like the Rochester Real Beer Expo and Third Thursdays music at Lux‘s outdoor stage. But I digress. Back to the food…

Whole lotta food for 5 bucks

My lord, the food. Fresh spinach, homemade salsa, homemade green and red spicy sauces to kick it up a notch and the closest thing I’ve tasted to meat in a long time, unbeef. I’m telling you, all you meat-loving skeptics, you can’t tell the difference. My newest favorite combo is a “small” spinach salad for a whopping $3 — topped with lots of good veggies — and a small (but really perfectly sized) taco with unbeef. I felt sorry for myself walking home after that meal, because I had pretty much eaten myself into a food coma with John’s deliciousness.

Future Husband's "small" burrito

Did I mention too that they have a small burrito for $4.75, which is genuinely the size of a human baby? Needless to say, we’re lucky.

When we moved in nearly three years ago, I knew I liked the vibe in our  neighborhood. But I never could have imagined how invested I’d become in its future. We’ve so fortunate to live in a place where this type of thing is commonplace — high quality food and drink, mostly locally grown and made, for a ridiculously affordable price. Our local owners have a stake in the success of the South Wedge, and you can feel the pride emitting from whatever they put out there for their neighbors and friends. Ah, the South Wedge, my home sweet home.

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