Love the Look: Navy and Pink

From The Knot

They say even if you want to be bold, creative, fresh and new, you need to be sure that in the end, you’re reflecting you. They, being the wedding industry, of course. But really, they’re right. In the same way an artist’s greatest accomplishment is to find their own, personal style, or more simply, in that it’s not the best idea to go for a pixie cut before a reunion, it’s probably not best to force a new personality or look for the wedding. Picking wedding colors may sound like a fun process, but it’s not. It’s filled with wavering and waffling and endlessly comparing mental swatches of colors in your head — that is, that’s how it goes if you’re as indecisive as me. Future Husband came up with the navy color, which I love, because it’s buttoned up and classic, which makes it easy to play with. For weeks, I tossed and turned thinking of what kind of green to pair it with. Then I started seeing pink. A light, blush pink that echos the natural, nude hues that have become so stylish this summer season.

My color palette was not an epiphany. It evolved over time, and spanned the gamut from gray-blue to cobalt for blues, and from lime green to sage green, and then did I want a gray too?  Much like my dress debacle, I knew I was being catastrophically indecisive over something that really wasn’t that big of a deal. I had hundreds of links saved to styles I liked in Google Docs, but it was hard to piece them together to come up with anything cohesive. I was having trouble sharing my ideas with others and fumbled when I tried to articulate what I wanted. Thanks to my mom’s request to see something tangible and not computer-based, I created an inspiration board this past weekend and low and behold, there was my vision. Romantic, whimsical and natural were the three words she used to describe it, and I couldn’t articulate any more spot on words than that.

And as I watched my newly polished bubble pink toe nails dry, I realized that I surround myself in pink and blue. My iTouch is blue, my phone is pink. I looked down into my shopping bag. My Goodwill purchases were a silky dark blue top from Ann Taylor and a coral pink button-down tee from Banana Republic. I got home and looked around at our curtains, our couch pillows, my wardrobe – blue, pink, blue, pink…Okay, okay. I was seeing a pattern here. All along, I’ve already known which colors I’ve wanted. Inherently, I knew which colors reflected our background, our home, our style and should continue to represent us at our wedding. I just had to open up my eyes and look around.

Learning these things about myself — my preferences, my likes and dislikes — has been surprisingly informative and insightful. It’s not often that we take the time to think about what objects, colors, designs, styles really exemplify us. So in the end, while the initial palette-choosing was pretty stress-inducing, it’s yielded a fantastic end result and has shown me a little more definitively about who I am right now. Thanks, color palette exercise, thanks.

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6 thoughts on “Love the Look: Navy and Pink

  1. i absolutely love pink and blue (cobalt or navy), that is also what i surround myself with. and i don’t know if it’s leftover nostalgia from mercy days, but i seriously love navy. i wear it all the time now, not with a white polo, but nonetheless it’s my fave. i could def see that being a potential future color combo for me ;)

    • I think it’s impossible to think navy without thinking of Mercy but yeah, I’ve totally fallen in love with the color again. Never thought it would be the case. My how we’ve aged :)

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