This Upstate NY weekend rocked my socks off

The weekend kicked off nicely with a Three Guys Walk into a Bar comedy show at Boulder Coffee Company. Bryan Ball hosted the event, which showcased Buffalo comedians Rick Matthews, Mark Walton and headliner Shaun Murphy. The guys were hilarious and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. We knew we’d have a busy weekend, so we opted to retire to our abode following the show.

We were all too glad we hadn’t stayed out late, because on Saturday, we went the Rochester Real Beer Expo, hosted by BASWAFuture Husband and I figured we’d make an appearance, seeing how it was within throwing distance from our house and all. People were beginning to line up in front of our house well before the event started at 6 p.m., so of course, we had to head over early. In anticipation for the event, Jimmy and I may or may not have stopped by to peak on the progress a few times. The Expo was all this non-beer drinker could have hoped it would be, with games, plenty of tasty food and excellent live music from Filthy Funk (of Jazz Fest fame.) The wine tasting was a tad disappointing, with samples of approximately 1 oz., but there was so much going on and such a pleasant sociable vibe, that I barely noticed not having a drink in hand. Cabs were suspiciously attentive and available from our house as the show wound down, and it took us just five minutes to get to the doorsteps of the Old Toad. There, we caught up with old friends and were re-acquainted with some new ones.

It wasn’t easy getting myself going for a hike at Stony Brook State Park, but I’m so glad I resolved to make the trip. One of my awesome bridesmaids and I took turns restraining my adorable, but completely socially awkward dog as we slid down the hills around Stony Brook , trying to slow him down, and pulled him back from wandering off cliffs, near the bustling waterfalls. The sky didn’t open up until the end of the hike and by then, it was clear that the husky had finally been exhausted into submission.

I curled in a ball beside Jimmy, who had been watching one of the BBC’s “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares” episodes. We both had a hankering for comfort food and since it was on the TV, of course, we had to make spaghetti. (Note, “Hoarders” directly influenced my behavior last weekend, which led to an intense bout of organizing and cleaning.) Gordon Ramsey‘s tisk-tisking on the show about too many additives convinced me to hold back on the spices and spinach I usually add. After a long hike on a rainy day, making spaghetti really hit the spot. Making meals for loved ones is such a rewarding task. And I don’t do it nearly often enough, I realized tonight. Ah, well, there is that South Wedge Farmers Market around the corner I’ve been meaning to get to. There’s always something new to try to work towards, it seems. I love that about life.

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