Listless Thursdays: Songs that Make Me Dance

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta dance it out, I’ve learned…or write about it, as the case may be. This listless Thursday has been less than listless. The day started off quite ambitiously, with yoga, optimism, all the ingredients for success. Without getting into too many details, I thought I had a chance at winning something I didn’t. *Sigh.* I’ll live. After scouring the Internet for words to soften the blow — articles, blog posts, quotes, something that might justify and celebrate mediocrity — I gave up. Apparently, people don’t like to talk about disappointing events in their lives. Go figure. So I went back to the old noggin. I’ve always loved what Alfred says to Bruce Wayne as a boy: “Why do we fall, sir? So we can pick ourselves up again.” Boom. Batman quotes can act as words of inspiration, right? Good enough.
And so, with that mini-pep talk, it is my pleasure to bring you…a lot of really happy music. Look at that, I’m feeling better already. As the stakes heighten with wedding preparation and I’m called on to demonstrate the knowledge I’ve acquired and innate wedding planning capabilities I’m expected to have, I plan on turning to this post and dancing it out. I do hope you’ll do the same.
  1. A-Punk – Vampire Weekend – Poppiness with an edge = instant hit, and now an old favorite.
  2. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – I started literally crying tears of joy when I heard this song on my car ride back from Skidmore. Twice.
  3. Sleepyhead – Passion Pit – Oh, Passion Pit. Anything you play brings me to my feet.
  4. Dancing Shoes – Arctic Monkeys (see above) – I think this song speaks for itself.
  5. LCD SoundsystemDaft Punk is Playing at My House – Who doesn’t love the idea of an LCD DJed house party?
  6. Foundations – Kate Nash – My favorite dance around the house in heels girl rock.
  7. Everlasting Light – Black Keys – Just found this song, thanks to a music guru/great friend/Beantown bridesmaid. Thanks Cait! I <3 your “College: No Rules” Mix. It makes my heart happy.
  8. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga – Who doesn’t feel like they’re in a bad romance sometimes? With work, friends, money, tricky situations? It happens, and this is the song to to get you through feeling mad by dance your heart out. 
  9. French Navy – Camera Obscura – This dreamy girl rock makes me swoon. “You make me go oooh with the things that you do.”
  10. Sing Me Spanish TechnoNew Pornographers – I fondly remember jamming to this with my bud Em in NYC’s Webster Hall and I’ve been ever dancing since.

Hope you enjoyed this impromptu party mix. I feel a whole lot better, and I hope you do too. Any suggestions as to what to add next time? Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “Listless Thursdays: Songs that Make Me Dance

  1. Def. some classics in here! Great post!

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