Love the Look: Bring on the RNEST Love

From inmyheadstudios on Etsy

I’ve decided to tap into the local creative talent on the Rochester scene, and boy have a found some cool stuff. I hesitate to admit that I was skeptical at first. I figured I’d find some felt bags and mini watercolor paintings, as is sadly normally that case at the local festivals, with the exception of ArtAwake and Clothesline. I was thrilled to walk into a medley of artists who, with their powers combined, make up RNEST – the Rochester, NY Etsy Street Team.

From KiraArts on Etsy

I reached out to KiraArts first, who maintains RNEST’s blog, to see if anyone had any interest in sharing their works of art with a local budding wedding blogger. (Budding sounds weird, doesn’t it? But there it is.) Kira was super sweet and after suggesting a few local talents, she pointed out that her own work might catch the eye of potential brides. I found her fabric flowers to be lovely and her little bride and groom nubbins are just plain adorable.

I started a bridefied Twitter account and came across yet another talented artist from around these parts, inmyheadstudios. She kindly showed me to her very cool domino pendants, which she can customize for brides by making specific dates with dots on the dominos pieces.

I love the idea of living local, and of supporting the budding (there we go again) and blooming local talent that lives right here in our very own community. From the get-go, with Jim’s proposal, which he did with a card made by Joe Guy Allard, I think I knew that we would want to build in a local flavor and vibe into our wedding, so why not use my blog to help showcase local talent? There are so many more Rochester artists that I’m looking forward to highlighting in the coming months. I think that this might be the beginning of a beautiful thing:)

Who’s your favorite local artist?

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4 thoughts on “Love the Look: Bring on the RNEST Love

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me and RNEST! (I actually just regularly post for the RNEST Blog…I don’t really maintain it on my own. There are 3 other artists who help maintain it as well!)

  2. Great, thanks so much, Kira!

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