A Honeymoon in (Insert City Here)…Rochester

Welcome to the latest and greatest edition to the blog, A Honeymoon in (Insert City Here). I’m hoping to spotlight some fun honeymoon spots for brides-to-be and vacation-goers as well, so if you have ideas or suggestions, feel free to send them along.

The weekend of our Negative One Year anniversary is one that I’ll remember fondly  for the rest of my life. Despite the sometimes intolerable crowds at the Lilac Festival, Saturday was too gorgeous a day to pass up a trip to Highland Park. We walked up the back route from our house, as I mused, “Look how pretty those flowers are. Oooh look at those!” all the while.  I munched on a tasty Greek salad and Jim enjoyed his treasured Red Osier sandwich as we did some serious people-watching, followed by a walk past the local arts vendors and a return from whence we came — to the lilacs.

There, among the beautiful path of trees and flowers, we stumbled upon some familiar faces.  It was Evan and Colin, the comedy/musical duo who will be playing our ceremony music at the wedding! After listening and chatting for a while, we tromped off to a clearing among the trees, where we had what turned out to be an impromptu engagement photo session. I don’t think either of us have had as much fun as we did that day in years –hamming it up for photos we took of one another, basking in the beautiful day. I had entertained the idea of hiring a photographer for an engagement session, but taking photos in such a fun and free-form way was so much more personal, so much more care-free.

I loved our pre-honeymoon in Rochester dearly, because it was so organically us. So if you’re considering a honeymoon the third week of May, check out the Lilac Festival in Rochester, or try to do something that is near and dear to your heart, to your roots, to your home. If you’re open to whatever the day has in store for you and the love of your life, you won’t be disappointed.

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