For Health’s Sake: Running, Running and Running, Running

As the adorable Liz Lemon character in 30 Rock so aptly demonstrates, we all of high aspirations, but they don’t always seem to work out. I’ve never been crazy about running, and in my quest to take on a long-distance race, it seems like things keep getting in the way. ” *Ahem…#toomuchrain.* I’m guilty of procrastination as much as the next guy, but I don’t think the roadblocks that keep getting in the way are an exaggeration:

  • Plans interference #1 – Week 1 of initial plans to train for the half marathon in May started off not with a bang, but with a bluster-y snow storm.
  • Obstacle #2 – The first day the sidewalks weren’t icy enough to skate on, on the glorious sunlit paths surrounding the Highland Park Bowl in the spring time, I bit the dust. Hard. And wound up with a gaping hole in my knee and bandages that made me look like a cast member in “Girl Interrupted.”
  • I told you so reason #3 – This week (the week in which I’ve realized the 10K is only days away and that I’m not prepared at all, just so we’re clear) has been so rainy, the Lilac Festival can’t withstand it. That’s right, the festival that marks the happiest time of the year for Rochesterians, has been canceled for an unprecedented number of days in a row. *Sigh.*

But alas, I must forge forward. The day of misery, followed by record-high self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment, is rapidly approaching. I did manage to grumble my way into running three miles in just under 24 minutes between thunderstorms yesterday. (And I mean, seriously, I should really subtract the time I spent talking to the neighbor, waiting at traffic lights and tending to the pup’s breaks…am I right?)

I’m slightly embarrassed to confess this, but when I look to inspiration for the upcoming 10K, I set my gaze upon my left ring finger. Now is the time, right? If there were ever a time to expect the most of myself, to seize the opportunity to be the best I can be, it’s now. Turning points in life offer up rare opportunities to examine who we are, and to set the course for who we want to be.

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