Love the Look: Peaches and Lace

From Boutwell Studio, Style Me Pretty

I have been obsessed with flowers lately. That which had once scared me most about the wedding is now the most fascinating. I’m still far from being an expert and I know I have a long way to go if I want to do my own flower arrangements for the wedding. But hey, it’s been more than two weeks and my succulent and begonia plants are still going strong, so maybe my flower management skills are already on the up and up.

I’m really drawn to garden parties when I scavenge my favorite wedding blog posts for ideas, since we’ll be married outside at Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester. I’d like to keep with the vintage theme, but I’m in search of more high-end materials like lace and antique silver rather to birch and more rustic elements. Martha Stewart Weddings had a great section on DIY lace embellishments, which I’d love to experiment with. ¬†Luckily, I have another four months or so to test out different ideas before I have to buckle down and make more serious decisions about decor. For now though, enjoy this post and other ideas I’ll be sharing along as we get closer to the big day :)

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