Flowers in Flour City – Mother’s Day Recap

“What’s this? What’s this?” I kept asking Mom, as Dad patiently waited for us to finish perusing the wide selection.  After a yummy brunch with Future Husband, Mom and Dad at Flour City Diner, we had hit up the Rochester Public Market, so my mom could seek out herbs for her garden. I was excited too, since I had been dying for an opportunity to see the local color this time of year. Since the wedding is a little later this month next year, I wanted to get a better idea of which flowers and plants I might be able to show off.

Boy were there pretty ones. The borias hemalis begonias, doused in pink and orange, and the spiky purply green succulents caught my attention and I decided to bring them home to see how capable I am of keeping them alive and thriving. I hesitated to get a begonia plant that wasn’t fully in bloom, for fear that it would wither and die before reaching its full potential, but my mom assured me that with a little water and a lot of light, I could do it.

Mom and I each got a set of succulents with baby plants, so we can harvest them and spread them out. I’d love to find a way to incorporate the little buggers into a bouquet or centerpiece, but we’ll just have to see how capable I am of tending to them.

As we drove home, I admired my handiwork, as I compared the pink tissue flowers I had placed all over the South Wedge gift basket I had made for my mom with the real begonias that sat before me. I was swapping in fake flowers for the real thing, so it seemed. Inspired by my lackadaisical landlord’s surprising and enormous gift basket of goodies he had dropped off at our doorstep, I had filled the basket with a tempting set of tea-infused dark Hedonist chocolates, a set of South Wedge Botanical soaps handmade from a neighborhood couple, and an opal ring, turquoise bracelet, pack of Bad Hair gum and set of post-its with the indignant dialog bubble from a sassy 50s female, “Did he REALLY hit replay all?” from Zak’s Avenue around the corner.

It was a gorgeous day and as my parents dropped me off and said goodbye, I couldn’t help but think how lucky I am to have two straight-up awesome parents, who share an incredibly parallel set of likes and interests and personality traits with me (and my brother). I bid them adieu and bounded off to hang out with my one and only. It’s sometimes easy to forget the lucky hand I’ve been dealt, but vision is 20/20 and in retrospectively recounting my daily endeavors, I see a whole lot of love shining through.

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