Sleeping on it and Dreaming in Color

Blossoming Almond Tree by Vincent Van Gogh

As the world fixated on a wedding of the ages, I found myself running around, scrambling to catch up with life. Life refuses to put on the breaks when you’re home sick, as it turns out. I reluctantly turned off NPR‘s coverage of the royal wedding to make a frantic work-related phone call at 7:45 a.m. Friday, and as I wished, in vain, that things would slow down, I realized that everything had and always would continue its normal, frantic pace, with or without me. It’s the constant moving that keeps things interesting, but boy can it be tiring to play catch-up.

That three days have passed and I could tell you little about the royal wedding other than what Kate’s dress looked like is pretty analogous with the time I’ve had to put into thinking about my own wedding as of late. Yes, I do check Style Me Pretty, Ruffled and Green Wedding Shoes almost daily to scan through the daily weddings they detail, but I’ve had time for little else. And that’s okay.

The psychotherapist Alfred Adler theorized that sleep is a necessary step in the brain’s processing of information, and in the same way that folks literally decide to “sleep on it,” I suppose I can excuse my absence from wedding planning as figuratively sleeping on my ideas. I find that with writing and with planning, it’s best to work, then step away and then to return once the best ideas have really started to show themselves.

That’s not to say that there wasn’t any inspiration to be had this weekend. My more slow-paced walks with Vin gave me the opportunity to fully absorb the majestic beauty of spring, which was fully unveiled this weekend. (Rochester’s April had double the rain it normally does, so when the blue skies and sun emerged again, it was quite the sight to behold.)

As I drifted into a sleep-like state while listening to “American: The Bill Hicks Story,” a phenomenal documentary about a brilliant comedian (chosen by comic Future Husband), I heard his words:

“We are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There’s no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we’re the imagination of ourselves.”

I envisioned a simple, lovely table runner as I tried to transition from my waken state into a deep sleep. It had a lacy layer laid atop a pretty blue runner, with our initials stenciled onto doilies on either side in gold. I decided to try to fulfill the creative energy of my semi-daydream, to see whether it was something hideous or worthy of some moderate praise. I decided to create a simple runner for our coffee table, using wrapping paper, lace on the ends and simple, layered paper flowers on top. It was a fun project, and helped me feel artistically accomplished for the weekend, so I’m chalking it up to a win.

Inspiration is all around us and sometimes in order to really tap into the full potential of our ideas, or if nothing else to weed out the bad ones, we need to step away and sleep on it. Only in setting everything aside to deal with life was I able to really suss out the good ideas from the bad ones. Guess I shouldn’t have cursed my body in its weakened state for not recovering quickly enough to let me get back to ordinary life, because it turned out to be doing me a favor I couldn’t have possibly anticipated. So thanks for forcing me to step away by getting sick, I guess, Body. Now if I could just get out of blowing my nose every five minutes…

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