For Goodness Sakes, It’s Good Friday

From Brooklyn Bride

Seldom do I write in preview mode, but thinking on just how special and lively this Easter weekend will be has me all hopped up (pardon the bunny pun), so I think some sharing is in order. This weekend will be filled with family, family and yes, more family. Just thinking about it makes me giddy, because Easter has and can be a tad lonely.

With family members sprinkled throughout the States and no particular church (or religious) affiliation, my parents, brother and I have sometimes found ourselves a bit unsure of how to make a holiday that is supposed to be so abundantly full of life and loved ones not quite so sparse. Even trying to get  just the four of us together has been challenging some years. I spent one Easter at Carnegie Mellon all by my lonesome and my brother has had to do the same some years as well. (Though this year, he’s staying in NYC because one of the films he had worked on will play at the Tribeca Film Festival, which is certainly reason to celebrate.)

I have some fond memories of the holiday and the great lengths my parents went to to make the day feel  special has made me love them all the more. I didn’t get my sunny demeanor from thin air — my benevolent parents have always hidden filled-to-the-brim baskets and held a big Sunday brunch for my brother and I, and even continued to throw in some Easter egg hunts, just for kicks, even after we were fully grown.

Nonetheless, this Easter will be a particularly special one, with a celebratory (and secret, so shhh) event for a beloved relative that will bring one of my most favorite aunts into town from Boston, a very special evening out to see Elton John with my future family, our beloved Sunday brunch tradition at my parents’ house and what is always a very warm, welcoming and delicious dinner at the home of Future Husband’s wonderful aunt. Jimmy’s big Italian family has always made me feel right at home and I’m so excited that I’ll officially be one of the LeChases just a year from now.

This weekend will be a very special one, with very special people. I can’t wait to come together to celebrate the beauty of life and love in the warmth of the people I love most :) Happy Easter, everyone!

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