Me Time

My great grandmothers book for her 1918 wedding

This weekend was filled with lots of quality time with my parents, my lovely new family and with some other really incredible families that I had the opportunity to meet for work. Between all the planned outings and weekend chores, Future Husband and I didn’t have much one-on-one time. But when Jimmy began getting ready to head out of his gig at Boulder’s Open Mic Night, I opted to stay home to get a little down time. The past week hadn’t been nerve-wracking, but I’d been feeling a tad irritable for rather inexplicable reasons, and my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me. (The tasty birthday sweets I’d had at a family party probably hadn’t helped the situation.) Nonetheless, I’d felt “off,” and I wasn’t quite sure why.

Sleepy Vinnie chilled with me during my "Me Time"

Martha Stewart is by no stretch of the imagination, angelic in nature. I still cringe a bit when I open up her wedding site to glimpse at ideas that are always cuter than I wish they were. To her credit though, Martha Stewart may have wound up saving me some sanity. After Jimmy left for the show, I tried to gather my thoughts for the blog as I gazed at wedding dresses, then wandered on to the Boutiques app that the wonderful Future Husband downloaded for me on his iPad. I decided to wrap the hour I’d wasted online shopping (without purchasing, mind you, which I was very proud of) with a few DIY ideas, just for productivity’s sake. I wandered into the “Fashion and Beauty” section of Martha Stewart Weddings, and there I saw it. “Stress Management.”

“Am I? I’m not,” I thought. “But why don’t I just take a look-see at what suggestions they have to offer to curb stress, just in case I find myself in that situation later?” (Yes, mind games are effective.)

Fabrics from my great-grandmothers morning wedding dress

What I learned: I’m more self-aware than I thought. The 10 steps Martha recommended were all things I had been hoping to achieve before starting the week. I’d most hoped to have a chance to write, and low and behold, wise Martha recommended I “Jot Down Your Feelings.” An excessively long shower was following by a closet makeover session, thanks so Martha’s kind advice to “Pamper Yourself.” Creating a mantra, being okay with a little nerves, preparing oneself for how to response to stressful situations, meditating, exercising, date nights…They were all in there. All the things I had known I’d needed all along but had been neglecting were right there on the iPad.

I breathed a sigh of relief.

I’m learning a lot about myself through the engagement process. You’d have to ask Future Husband, but as I become more cognizant of what excites me and frustrates me and calms me, I’m becoming a better future wife to my one and only and a more level-headed, steady-handed person overall. The journey towards marriage is as much a personal journey as it is a communal one, I think, and there’s plenty more room to grow.

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2 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. Jaime on said:

    I could not agree more. I had the same experience. So glad to hear you are enjoying your time so much!! Love Jaime

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