Getting those Creative Juices Flowing

A friend asked me to draw them a picture in kindergarten and from that point on, it was arts this and crafts that. I’ve always loved messing with materials and combining colors in a free form, “I don’t need directions to have fun” sort of way.Trial and error is my M.O. I love my makeshift cards and the newest edition to my gallery of art that I’ll probably be pretty embarrassed I’ve shared in five years — my piecemeal tissue paper bloom decorations. Yes, most of my projects may be sitting half-finished in a closet somewhere — insert cordoroy tie callback — but it’s the process, not the end result, right? That’s always most calming and enjoying part of creativity for me, at least.

I came across a great article from HuffPo (“After the Show: The Many Faces of the Performer” by Scott Barry Kaufman) on simultaneously introverted/extroverted for creative types. The piece starts with one of my most favorite quotes from Walt Whitman’s  “Song of Myself:”

Do I contradict myself? / Very well then I contradict myself,/ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)

We are one and yet many. I love that concept. It makes indecisive me feel better able skirting classification and identification with a particular lifestyle, personality, hobby, you name it.

The article goes on to share that Michael Jackson, rock artists and yes, stand-up comedians like Future Husband often exert a multitude of personalities — energy/rest, extroversion/introversion and openness/sensitivity. Reading along, I gleefully thought to myself, “Me! That’s Me!” I actually scored completely exterverted, then completely introverted one two consecutive “Which career is best for you?” tests (aka the Myers Briggs test), so I must be a creative type, right? Certainly, I’m justified in starting a blog to talk about me, me and more me.

Then came the colored triangles. A feeling of disappointment and dread washed over me as I remembered standing in front of the one and only Skidmore art class I would ever try to take in college. The first homework assignment had been simple: Create four of the same image with varied colors. And yet. Let’s just say the grating peer review I got that day was enough to send me off and running to a Yoga class, of which I gladly took two to fulfill my college arts requirement.

Find what sparks your creativity and run with it, whether it’s baking or jogging, writing or singing. If there’s something I’m learning from writing this blog, it’s that I love winging it in a “no rules allowed” sort of way when it comes to arts and crafts. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning to it, or maybe it just is.

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5 thoughts on “Getting those Creative Juices Flowing

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