Setting Priorities and Taking Names

Fabrics from my great-grand aunt's wedding

Watch out world, I’ve got a general idea of what course the next 15 months of my life will be. As a student to the end, I’ve taken to the habit of executing any given task by researching a topic, honing in on an interesting thesis, crafting a general outline and filling in the supporting details. With the May wedding date and location settled upon, my research over the past few weeks and months has entailed gathering as much wedding eye candy as one who prides herself in knowing the top headlines more than the latest style trends could possibly do. There’s so much out there! The challenge at hand is to craft a general outline of the wedding look and feel — and pinning down the thesis — without getting too caught up in the details. One must mind the details while seeing past the details, a rather Zen prospect.

Not the dress Im getting, but I do love this ones simple elegance.

Dress shopping has gotten the best of me. Visiting bridal boutiques is by far the most self-

indulgent practice I’ve ever fallen head-over-heels in love with. There’s nothing more gratifying in the girliest sort of way than being helped into a stunning gown and showing off its beauty, literally standing on a pedestal. I must confess that I’ve spent far too many hours pouring over pages upon pages of wedding dresses, looking for the right one. And then I saw it — a simple, elegant, affordable gown. It caught me off guard, because it wasn’t the complex, runway gown that I envisioned would make me feel like a princess on my special day. It was the sensible, comfortable dress that I’d always known was meant for me — more so than the magnificent dresses I’d gotten carried away with searching for.

And then I saw it.

I remembered who I was. I don’t need a 5’11” dress with incredibly high pumps — I’m a ballet flats kind of girl. Always have been, always will be. It’s easy to get carried away with might be. I had to ground myself in what is — in who I am, to really see through the eye of the needle. Arriving at the thesis is always the hardest part, because research requires looking outside oneself for inspiration, but true vision only comes after taking those external notes and using them to help reflect that which is within.

First glimpse of spring

So who am I?

I guess I’m green. At the risk of sounding too granola crunchy, I love nature and growth and life. I hate being wasteful, and I hope to find a way to use and re-use as many items from the wedding as possible. Breathing new life into old items is so much more worthwhile that buying brand new items without a history.
I’m not one to start from scratch. I like take something simple, modify and embellish. The simple gown I have in mind has  some fake gems I won’t be able to remove, so I’ll add a dash of home by using what I have. A satin flower and an heirloom broach as a cover up should do just fine.

I love books. I love music. I love nature. There are so many things that have been right in front of me, which I’ve dismissed as not complex enough. My thesis, then, is finding my roots. It’s finding what makes Jimmy and I happy and going with it, without getting too nervous about a medley of wedding themes blurring a true and simple vision. We are the vision: Me, Jimmy, our family and our friends. I’ll continue to peruse the Internet for ideas that might help us reflect who we are, but I think the time has passed to envision a wedding just like this or just like that. It’s time to let the general outline come to the forefront and to work with the inspiration we’ve gathered and that which we see in ourselves and in each other.

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