Starting from Scratch: The Old Winter to Spring Switcheroo

Starting anew, with a lively look for spring. Love the glass flower from Corning Museum of Glass to accent the beauty of this big ole plant Chez Sauer.

I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no, I’m not reconsidering my commitment to wed in winter because this Rochester winter has been painfully long and harsh. Granted, the drop from tolerable temperatures in the 50s last Friday to white-out conditions on Saturday didn’t hurt Spring’s emergence as an option, but so did a lot of other considerations, including overall comfort and ease of travel for our future guests. As I readily prepare to turn the page on this wintry season, I’m saying adios to the wedding inspiration it brought with it.

I’m starting to warm up to the idea of a sunnier time of year. My parents were married in May, 30 years ago this year, as was one of my future sisters-in-law, and so too may we be. So out with the dozens of web pages and images I had collected for the perfect winter wedding and in with the new. Let’s get down to business, shall we?

Here We Go, Brain

As luck would have it, it just so happens that when I checked on my old little kitty Sasha for my parents, I took an exorbent amount of pictures of inspired little personal touches my Mom and Dad have added over the years to cultivate their “look.” What better place to draw inspiration from the people I love most in the world? It seems like a pretty good starting point, anyway.

A pretty little plant with an old photo of my parents and one of my grandmother as a young woman

The Vintage/Rustic Look Stays

Typewriters, suitcases and the blue glass and porcelain vases stay. This endearing geeky/bibliophile look still describes us best, so why change? Dr. Who canvas sneakers and cobalt blue/gray suit stays for the groom, I’m told, but we can nix the TARDIS lanterns I had planned on making. Candles will probably get to stay, but not in their lowly lit, quietly romantic lantern form. I hesitate to confess that even though “Portlandia” is right to make fun of the hipster desire to “put a bird on it!” I’m a sucker for the little birds, homemade looking wedding cakes placed on tree stump stands. There, I said it.

This color combo has always gotten me

Lively Up Yourself, Colors

The color palette of gray, blue and light green stays, but it’s going to have to be spruced up a bit for the spring months. I’m sticking with plans to stay light on the floral arrangements, but I don’t know that I’ll be able to get away with dismissing them altogether. I’d like to have as much lively, bright green as possible.  A green wedding was out of the question with our February wedding plans, but I’m really starting to like the idea of an eco-friendly wedding. Green is such a rejuvenating color, which would be even more invigorating if the plants could stay alive for the wedding. It would be pretty symbolic, really, for Future Husband and I committing to support one another’s growth and change as we move through life. My mom is and always has been a green thumb. She loves to nourish the beauty and simplicity in her many gardens and houseplants. I remember learning from a very young age that Mother’s Day meant

This hangs near the kitchen sink for a pretty distraction from doing dishes.

picking out a favorite plant for Mom at Harris Gardens rather than getting a bouquet of flowers from Wegmans. Growing plants from seed and picking some up before the wedding at the Rochester Public Market or my beloved neighborhood South Wedge Farmers Market.

Where do we go from here?

I love these vases, and how theyre paired with a cooky cactus and beautiful Mexican painted tiles

So there we have it. A lot of new going on, which was incredibly intimidating, to be frank, until I had gotten my thoughts out in writing. Thanks, readers, for allowing me to sort out the jumbled up mess in my brain. More to come on wedding dress shopping part two (part one with Mom felt uber self-indulgent, by the way, but was a blast, nonetheless), possible venue and date announcement and lots more rambling. It should be fun!

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