The Art of Being Thrifty

Courtesy of ButtonEmpire on Etsy

Jimmy and I know one thing for sure: we don’t want a “cookie cutter” wedding.  I think the most popular piece of advice I’ve gotten from friends and family, particularly from young bridefied ladies I’ve spoken with, is to make sure the wedding reflects the people we are. For better or worse, we’re quirky and thrifty, and that’s something we’re hoping to embrace. Luckily, for us, geekiness is the new cool.

Last weekend, my vintage-loving friend and I went to a huge antique mall called All that Jazz. I haven’t decided on what centerpieces or decorations I want just yet, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look around. There were some fantastic porcelain pieces that would make for great centerpieces. I envisioned filling them with lively green plants.

I also saw some very intricate antique dresses which, if given the right alterations, could be pretty beautiful.  (I love the lacing on the one to the left and would probably consider making it sleeveless.) I’ve resolved not to get my dress from David’s Bridal and now that I’m going on record saying that, I guess I have to make sure that’s the case. I don’t necessarily want a gently used dress, but I’d like to have a story behind it. I’ve always prided myself in being thrifty, so that “rare gem” has been a $7 Banana Republic turtleneck sweater from Goodwill – which I got last week, by the way :) – but obviously I’d like to do a little better than just finding a bargain price for the dress I’m getting married in.

We’ve covered the thrifty, now on to the quirky: Etsy is currently my favorite place to find unique, one-of-a-kind accessories. Ordering a dress I haven’t tried on may be going too far, but there are a lot of great ideas and a lot of talented artists willing to take personalized orders for reasonable prices. Future Hubbie and I had a lot of fun shopping around in Etsy’s wedding section last night, where we found everything from Darth Vader cuff links to unique wedding rings to quirky cards.

There’s an incredible world of geekery goods out there. We just have to figure out how we want to go about celebrating it. F-Hubs loves throwing crazy ideas out there, which I know is in part a way to see what he can get away with – I’m onto you, soul mate –  but  honing in on the creative concept behind those ideas and tailoring them to be a little more “wedding appropriate” has been a really fun way of making sure we’re sharing who we are and learning a little bit more about ourselves in the process.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of Being Thrifty

  1. you must have this book! Handmade Weddings

    also, being a thrifty mosnter, you may already know about this website. but, look at they have worn-once dresses by lots of designers!

    yay weddings!!!

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