Forget the Flowers

I’m not going to hold back, here. Flowers scare me. Let me qualify that statement: flower arranging scares me. Wild flowers are gorgeous and beautiful and natural. I know that taking such a perfect and fragile thing as a flower and then plucking it and shoving it into a container with a bunch of others will wind up looking gorgeous, when done properly. Screwing up anything in the process is costly and just sad. I know that the impatient soul within me will struggle with getting these high-maintenance but worthwhile beauties to behave, so for now, I’m choosing to bask in the beauty of human creation and point out that when done tastefully, flowers can be replaced with equally stunning homemade substitutes.

Building a Decor Sans Les Fleurs
I came across these treasures on Ruche’s blog: The winter yarn balls seem pretty easy and take me back to days of old when we got to pop balloons after creating a paper mache skin in third grade art class. The streamers somehow manage to give off an air of elegance despite their simplicity and remind me of something I’d see out of my beloved Anthropologie catalogs. Here are some incredible looks from Ruffled as well: cone art decorations and string wedding chandeliers.

A Card that Makes it by Faking it
I love these Calla lily invitations, which give a nod to the real thing and lend some texture and interest to an otherwise overly simplified card. The mini Calla lilies themselves look like they’d be costly, so I tried creating a cone with some scrapbook paper and got a not great, but passable alternative. Note to friend who will be receiving this card: Thanks for being a guinea pig for my card experiment. I added a pretty little fabric rose I had created during last weekend’s project.

Subbing Out in Centerpieces
Since winter is not conducive to growing or purchasing fresh flowers, I sought out some other options and came across a bunch of great ideas. As it turns out, I can spice up some candle holders with colorful patterns or music notes, create vintage paper flowers or add pine to flute glasses, for starters. love this silver-coated look on succulants, which is something to consider as well. I was starting to lean toward what I thought to be a brilliant idea initially – birch branches in silver-spackled glass holders, tied with lace with an added sentimental trinket and surrounded by votive candles, but Future Husband wasn’t too keen on the look. Now I’m considering TARDIS-colored lanterns (to show off our Dr. Who-induced geekiness), possibly with live plants and votives. Odds are, that idea can and will change, but it’s fun to think about for the time being. :)

The point is, alternatives are plentiful in this explosive DIY wedding environment that I’ve been fortunate to land in. There really is something for everyone out there. The trick is narrowing down my focus and definitively picking out patterns and looks. Luckily for me, I still have some time yet to be in the “I don’t know want I want, so I’ll take a little bit of everything” exploratory period of planning. All I see right now is possibility in everything, which is entirely acceptable for the non-committal girl in me.

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