Let Your Love Grow Tall

Happy weekend! Today’s agenda entails a little tidying up, some grocery shopping and hopefully a little arts & crafts while my fiance tends to his business of joke-making with comedy friends. I couldn’t possibly be more excited about what the weekend may bring. As life gets more adult-like, with wedding and career planning and attempts to look into the future – though the latter may have changed along with my new horoscope sign  – routines somehow seem more liberating than limiting.

Jimmy and I are coming to enjoy the moments we have outside of work more and more, and the best part is in finding little opportunities to brighten one another’s day. After nearly eight years together and two and a half years of going to work, having lunch and coming home together, one might think (as I did) that it would get a little repetitive. But I can honestly say that I get excited every evening I find myself back at home with Future Husband and our faithful dog, who especially loves us when there’s food around.

I can see us growing old together, because we’ve already grown up together. Jim tries my vegetarian recipes and gives me tangerines so I can justify indulging in a waffle dessert. I’ll take Vin for runs to keep him from pushing his squeaky ball into us and fend off crowds during early morning runs to Wegman’s. It’s a beautiful thing, this business of watching as our love matures and grows.

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